And Maybe We’ll Be Friends Again

I thought of you as a friend

The one that showers love from heavenly end

Bliss are the moments spent with you,

Why not stay as the promised you

Despising you shall not make me bad

your tantrums are of such atrocity,

Your other shade was unknown of

Capable of ripping people off their homes,

You are no Robin Hood,

Forget not that,temperamental not your trait,


I love you when calmness prevail,

Oh dear rain,dare not do this again;

Hurricanes and floods make you look scarier,

The dark ghostly shade not yours,

Bring back the spring that flourished under your rein,

Vow to make them smile again

And maybe we’ll be friends again…


2 thoughts on “And Maybe We’ll Be Friends Again

  1. Beautifully worded composition full of compassion


  2. Ashish kumar says:

    Waw… this is amazing and beautiful… An “epitome” creation… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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