Facts About the Ants


I love ants and anything to do with the little hard working creatures , It’s a hobby if I can actually put something into that kind of a category, sit in a place and observe the ants movements,I love the way each one of them communicate, co-ordinate and do herculean tasks and still continue to do it in their life.

As I have been noticing them since childhood, I decided that I need to know more about them, the discovery channels gave me the input to ease my curiosity, and today I pass them onto you.

Facts that you didn’t know about antsST833952

  1. Ants normally live in colonies where there is a queen ant, the male workers and the female workers
  2. The queen ant has the wings and so does the male workers
  3. Usually when there is a fight between the ants, it’s usually to the death.
  4. The ants while foraging for food,they leave a chemical trail behind to know where it had been.
  5. The ant is strong that t can life up the weight that is 20 times more than it’s own body weight, it’s like a little girl of about 8 years able to lift a car.
  6. The queen ant normally lives for a long time and if it dies, the colony perishes,there is rarely a replacement of the queen.ST833950
  7. When the ants attack the enemy colony and it wins over, all the eggs of the defeated colony is taken as a slave ants.
  8. In the community, there are fighter ants whose sole purpose is to protect the queen, defend its colony and also fight the enemy.
  9. The worker ants are more into foraging food and storing them up
  10. The queen ants is the one who lays eggs , million of eggs!
  11. The ants are devoid of lungs, as their whole body is made up of pores through which the respiration takes place.
  12. They are also devoid of ears, they hear through teh vibrations using their legs

The next time ponder upon those cool creatures before squashing them out:)


18 thoughts on “Facts About the Ants

  1. Alok Singhal says:

    Makes me wonder how much developed they are. Amazing !

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  2. Samc95xc says:

    WOW! In our daily life,we miss these small little friends of ours! Thank you for #Sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hargun Wahi says:

    I too find observing ant behavior pretty interesting..
    Last day I saw ants working and moving in a row. They were working quite efficiently, and the way they communicated in groups was very interesting. I noticed only the leader of the group communicated with the ants coming from the other side, with one -two exceptions. Also, the path they took was well defined so much so that it was white from the place ants used to walk( the other being a bit dirty )

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  4. Mann Kaundal says:

    And they are also into kind of mass cremation ritual…

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  5. Ants are very hard-working…all these facts simply say that we need to learn much from them…:-)

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