Dream of Black smoke and the Gaurdian Angel

The book lay dead in my hands,not moving, no characters engulfing me,no words appealing me,no sign of life,was it the book or me. I averted my gaze away from the girl on the floor. She had the same dress as mine. I recognized her familiar features,the feather cut alike,I had known her from the mirrors,she used to sing with me, dance and whirl, follow my steps, so authentic her smile,just as mine, she shared my tears and showed my strengths but why was she lying on the floor,the while dress was stained, it was our favorite from the summer collection!
There was an upsurge of agony from the unknown corners of my heart, the book by her side that lay was pf Rhonda Bryne,our favorite book,this wasn’t something that I had wanted…everything in the world happens because of our thoughts and choices, then had I done this to her?

I shook her up violently from the floor and rested head on my laps ,she seemed to be at peace.

“wake up! You can’t be like this, we have goals , we hold our dreams in our eyes, we have our whole damn life !”

I screamed my lungs out but she lay there, limp and heavy, the dead weight was unbearable,drowning in my own guilt for her state!I was closing in on me!

There was a gush of wind and a thunderous break of my door,I needed to protect her,she is precious!


I managed to struggle out of it and ran towards the door, to stop the gush of the dark wind howling,safety was an instinct, the noise of the snarl howled through the windows and the doors creaked, in the beginning giving it a crack and then the thud, more of it until the door broke apart, into two equal half.the black gust of wind,thick as fog and black as the dark night swarmed me,my hairs flew in rage, the enveloped me into its hungry hallows and gnarled like a biog bad power,it would cease me off my existence,I would be taken and never return,I lanced at her on the floor ,she lay there in a beautiful deep sleep!

“Please wake up, save me,I need you” I whimpered, the thick wind went down into my body, through my nostrils and drained the very life out of me, churning my insides as it went down my throat,my pupils strained,I coughed and plunged a way out..it was suffocating.

“get up,drink some water,here” a voice, a sweet voice of an angel, my guardian angel here to help me!

“Indira,wake up,its ok” It was clearer now, as I gulped down the water, I barely opened my eyes, the suffocation ceased.

The white angelic blur was divine and slowly it diminished,my mom held a glass of water.

I jumped from my bed and plunged towards my mirror…

There she was, relief and a small smile with a sigh.It was a dream after-all but I kinda liked the girl in the mirror….


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