My replica from the parallel world

The day I’m going to meet my exact replica,I meant me in a parallel world,now do I sound weird!Oh yes I do,I just reread my previous sentence! But then when it comes to science where there is that possibility to travel through time and space, meet someone from a parallel world and where time is flexible ,for you to travel back and froth, I bet the first scientist to put forth this theory was deemed to be a out of his wits but so was galileo and copurnicus treated!!
Maybe someday we will be able to time travel and find each of our copies living our dreams ,unaware of our existence..That someday would be similar to, when the Wright brothers high-fived

“We told you,we could fly”

or when Edison would bingo saying

“I told you,I could light up the world”

And they all did, and love them for that,thank god they never listened to the sane,normal thinking people, they had it done their way!

So here’s the catch ,I want to somehow meet the me from the parallel universe.

How shall I write her:

I would want her to be a girl who can ride a bike, the heavy one like avenger or the hardley davidson.

I would want her to sing,the raw voice that captivate anybody’s attention.Trust me if I had that talent none would be able to stop me from rocking the stage..LOL I sound too narcissistic but yes I would want her to sing, compose and feel the music.

I want her to be really brave, to stand for everybody in need and also herself at dire times.

I would want to her walk with the confidence of a kite, only her eyes with the power to defeat anyone.

I would want her to be a dancer, well versed in free-style and kathak dance forms,I would love her for that.

I would want her to write better, utilize her potential like nobody would never ever dream of, reach out to people with her ideas.

I would want her to teach or be a motivational speaker who could enlighten people and herself most of the times:)

I would want her to do the sky-diving at the age of 50 and still be healthy with intestines intact.

I would want her to be a person with IQ ,EQ and CQ to be in balance,that would be a great thing.

I would want her to live blessed and happy:)

So now readers ,your chance, do think about how would you want you in a parallel world?Just a brain teaser, nothing costs to dream and definitely nothing to put your views:)


4 thoughts on “My replica from the parallel world

  1. Nitin says:

    It’s my fascination too … 🙂 good post…

    Liked by 1 person

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