Role Of Young Entrepreneurs In India

India today is growing with a vision of a “Developed Nation” striving it’s best with all the economy , manufactures and products.But then dreaming of achieving great heights crossing every hurdle also needs the most paramount vision of creating another 100 million employment for all the citizens of India.The big question remains as to how those 100 million jobs to be created. Private, public, railway sectors all scavenged wouldn’t come to make that myriad of jobs.
Hence entrepreneurship is one way out in finding the solution and reaching India’s destination.Entrepreneurs and by that I mean people who are honed with a shimmer of talent and loads of confidence and hard work to climb the ladder of success with a pose for the success magazines at a very young age.
The normal belief of successful business magnates was broken off the monotony of 40 years, laying off experience and wise grey hairs, the best examples internationally will be of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of facebook and Steve Jobs for Apple company.en
So let’s take vision for our Indian entrepreneurs who maneuvered the skills of start-ups and made big in the business world questioning the very requirement for the business tactics and grey hairs.
So here are the few most successful entrepreneurs with their ideas being the day starter for us.
Kailash Katkar
His journey from a remote village in Rahimatpur in Maharashtra ,Kailash laid his success steps that shaped his career to become the chairman and CEO of INR 200 Cr Company.He is the founder head for QUICKHEAL technologies Pvt Ltd.
Like most successful men, he started low with high dreams in a small local radio and calculator shop and in 1990 ventured to start his own calculator repair business. Then in 1993 he started off with a new dream in his eyes CAT computer services when his younger brother Sanjay developed a basic model of antivirus software which had solved the huge problem of computer maintenance at that time.
Later in 2007 it was renamed as QuickHeal Technlogies.He achieved all these without any formal education which changes the face of business!
Varun Shoor
Varun Shoor was a child prodigy himself, an able programmer and web designer at the age of 13 tutoring himself, he was naturally drawn to development of web applications, with a vision of web-based ticked approach and visitor engagement, he established Kayako in 2001. He adorns the throne of Chief Executive officer of Kayako InfoTech Ltd.Along with this he is a leading product architect covering the world, he has an active role in designs and development of the product line. He started his company at the age of 17 with its office in Jalandhar after dropping out of college.
Deepak Ravindran
He is also from a major pool of entrepreneurs with great ideas and swimming against the tides of normal text book education he ventured for the Quest Technologies which led to answer someone else’s question via text messages. His first venture was Innoz Technologies which is the base idea for “Smsgyan” i.e handing interest’s knowledge to people through texts. His last courageous step was Lookup that is a local commerce messaging app which lets users chat with local business and shops, just a needed service everywhere, isn’t it?
Ritesh Agarwal
He is the dynamic head of the “OLA” for rooms called as OYO Rooms. The start-up is a network of technology-enabled Budget hotels. The company is a Gurgaon based company was founded by him in 2012.It has sponsors and backed up by Lightspeed ventures, Sequoia Capital and Green Oaks Capital and is presently having more than 700 hotels under I’s brand, quite a feat. He was 18 when he was a drop-out from college and funded Oravel which after receiving the funding and accolades, he rebranded it into OYO rooms.
Azhar Iqubal
Yet another IITian with a twisted fate, courage and determination flowing in his young stream ,He executed his idea of introducing the abundant everyday news into short news forms with is not more than 60 words and introduced into the audience with quench for the daily updates but time constraint to read th long detailed versions, yeah the lazy folk fall in too with demanding everything to be easy. Hence Azhar founded the “news” app, it basically started as a facebook page and now has its share of fame.
These people changed the vision towards the business ventures in India, they are the ones who proved hard work and talent can take you anywhere.
When it comes to entrepreneurship,it’s not only technology and companies but even a common man who bakes the pappads on terrace can be titled with this, these are the people who are capable of changing the world’s business.
Though this is the knight ride for young entrepreneurs who dream big and strive for the market turning strategies, but before opening a start-up the young entrepreuneurs have a major role to play as they are the ones who represent young growing INDIA.

Though there are many young graduates venturing into the business ventures, only few could climb the ladder of success and became big .So what exactly held back the young entreupreneurs and they ended up becoming a loophole in the market with big old whales.

• Financial Crisis
• Minimum Knowledge
• Cut-throat competition from the former successful companies.
• Lack of networking

The new start-ups venture out with minimum knowledge and big dreams, so for the dreams to come true there are a few books that guide them through the process.A few books in the list would be.

”Anyone can do it”-by Duncan Bannatyne

”Start your own business in seven days”-by James Caan

”The Personal MBA”-byJosh Kaufman

PARTNERSHIPS-Joining hands

It is always better to go with partnerships.Many top companies and joining hands with the deserving start-ups tp create an uproar of development in the country.
Cisco, in a quest to achieve just that has collaborated with Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) and Tiruchirappalli Regional Engineering College- Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park (TREC-STEP), a science and technology Entrepreneurs Park to promote information and communications technology (ICT) entrepreneurship and innovation in the country.
With job opportunities only available to approximately one-third of India’s youth, entrepreneurship development is a critical part of the country’s future.

Hence to tap the young energy a few more advances are made from the companies .Recently Aditya Birla started a 20 day programme that helps the start-ups boosting it to grow further by financially assisting the cause but for that there are selections and shortlisting too.It is known as Bizlabs.In the programme, the short-listed start-ups gets a chance to network with the CEO’s and CXO’s from the Aditya Birla groups,also they get a chance to get guidance from the Industry experts.

In this endeavour, SIDBI is also financing small ICT businesses in India which will be run by current and/or former Cisco Networking Academy students, Cisco will subsidize the interest repayment and guarantee fees on the loans and TREC-STEP will provide customized training and mentoring to participants in the pilot
There is also a new venture to assist the entrepreneurs in their most difficult times and this is a motivational venture that the INDIA entrepreneurs have started that encourages the entrepreneurs to create a short film of their entrepreneurship story and their role in bringing about the change that was desired.With this, the entrepreneurs who are lost among the crowd are surfaced and given a chance to face the camera and become a known personality.

Such endeavors are confirmed to give a boost in the growth of economy and helps in bridging the gap between the self-employment minds and the reach of the start-ups.

The youth with the use of all the encouragements and resources should utilize the industries venture and prove themselves worth of the financial assistance .The successful companies would fare better if a chance would be provided for the emerging talents that can change the market ratings.


27 thoughts on “Role Of Young Entrepreneurs In India

  1. Ankur Mithal says:

    An entrepreneur does not need to wait for a “chance to be provided” by someone.


    • brunda bru says:

      “Chance to be provided” by someone sir does not always hold good in all the situations but at dire situations when one is about to quit when nothing turns out his way, some experienced hands could guide them in their venture so that they would ascertain their belief of chasing and living their dreams:) We all need that help at some or the other stages in life!!
      Please do correct me if my perception has a glitch!


  2. VAVA says:

    Brunda once again you have come up with a great write up on entrepreneur by adding a number of successful individuals who achieved their goals despite not having formal education . Please keep providing such interesting blogs. Loved reading the contents.

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  3. Nitin says:

    good write up …

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  4. VAVA says:

    Yes I have been to this place a number of times. Asee u working with some company or self employed person

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  5. VAVA says:

    Basically I like writing on finance n finance related subjects but my fingers start typing immediately on any subject which I feel interested in. Like I wrote one on Melbourne cup today

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  6. Ashish kumar says:

    A very well articulated post… well expressed… liked it… 🙂

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  7. Loved this particular brewing ❤ great points and it was good to know some new information being shared. Thanks Brunda 🙂

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