A gift of the present!

A way not alike the many so far traveled, the crunchy leaves strangled to dust under my shoes, the fragrance of the flowers deemed to be surrendered to the travelling wanderer ,the winds with them they have an ephemeral feeling of crushes all the way, seeing me, facetious enough to disarm my bounded feelings into the flashes of the past and future,my present still wrapping the gift of tomorrow,a gift that I know not, a gift that very well be an illusion, tomorrow never comes, today never ends and here I am buried in the conundrum of the space and time where age is only a number and smile is something that fades away into thin air travelling across different faces and different people, contagious albeit not forever.

The winter mornings are like the humid work of witches stirring on the magical potion of the days time, everyday is unknown, everyday is new, everyday mundane yet a thrill that holds my spine talking more to the bowing acquaintances and a formal goodbye the old ones, some leave their footprints, some leave their principles yet some some more changes how we perceive our lives,the memories are alive, the present feeding on the past, preparing the back-pack for the future but never can one be prepared for the uncertain future is a long forgotten wise.In this magical world of birth and death, emotions strings the unknown, friends take place of the most dear ones, teaching us, laughing with us and walking by our side like a protective colorful shadow never leaving our side with the play of the lights,they stay longer and like a silent mist of the morning hue, they touch us with their immortal hands….life is better, life is beautiful,with friends and family in love with the me,like a  wish come true from a previous birth,their presence is a boon, a gift of the present, a gift of all my past and a shine of all my future.

There is yet a new perspective envisioned every second, the mundane things around speaking of their persistent support to me all these years, the photo-frame, the computer, my stuffed lovely pillow, the breathing window, the talking speaker and the grandma fan, they make my materialistic world yet they all seen to be alive, an audience to my swinging moods, a true friend at the dearth of my courage, the witnesses of all my craziness.I love them too,making my life , a gift of the present.gift

This last month of 22, I’m grateful for everything that is in my life, the people I love the most ,the things that are there for me,the food that keeps me going,my attitude that scoops the best in me, the hopes and my dreams never leaving my side,I thank for the gift of the present keeping all my joys of the past as my memories and all the all the dreams of tomorrow as my hopes of the future.Life is beautiful with gratitude:)

Signing off now,



3 thoughts on “A gift of the present!

  1. VAVA says:

    Yes Brunda life is bful for those who want to live. You have brought out a superb blog showcasing ur emotions Loved it

    Liked by 1 person

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