The Sublime Spring:)

It was all soo soon,the carefree happy-go -lucky girl was in cross-roads of her life, a bit tensed , rattled, frightened and yet happy all at once. This girl is someone whom I know for a very very long time, precisely 15 years and today her presence is in her yatch of new feelings in the different tides from her heart.
In a snap of a finger and a blink of an eye, he entered her life and now I see the difference, in all her smiles, all her pouts , all her tantrums and in all her challenges,I see him holding her hands just like on the 27th of the August,just like the times after 6:30 on teh very same day, her “D-day” ,”her Engagement” the day every girl would have dreamt of since she is 10,the proposal in front of everyone, the close ones who would have raised you, loved you and have known you from birth would be showering their blessing approving of her choice, their choice.

She was happy,very happy with him and it was not just the blush or the smile but the sparkle in her eyes, look at this picture and dare say no!


The big fat weddings are heard of but hers was indeed a luxurious,exquisite ,elegant ring ceremony, the engagement.
The “she” here is Aishwarya D C who is all set ready to add her fiancé’s name as her initials,she is a marvel whom I adore, I respect and I love !My closest buddy and because it is me,I’m bound to overrule the punctuality rule and land in at the late hours.

Anyway it was august 27th, with the breezy winds chiming the hours importance, with the clouds hovering over for a prepared shower and with the dusk sighing in for a new beginning, it was time!
The day was special, the evening was special so was she, so was he!

She looked gorgeous, pretty in all terms ,her personalized selection of all the adorned ornaments, her favorite combination of the colors from the moggina jade and right mix of feelings to get that blush on her cheeks and of-course the highlight was the two couple rings in each other’s lovely boxes.

With the butterflies wafting and her fingers shivering,seated like a princess awaiting her charming prince;all that my good friend could think about right at that time was.

“Is this really happening? Is this for real..OMG there are soo many people ! WOW..I’m hell scared and my palms are all sweaty!!”

I had laughed out loud when she had described the moment and it was then I had discussed about the food.We giggled a lot that day..
Now let me take you back to Oswal venue!

It was seven in the evening, the venue was decorated like a new bride,oh yes, the venue, the lane , the entrance that carried the aroma of roses and jasmine , it wasn’t exactly what I had expected,it was many more times effluent, many more times opulent and many more times beautiful than the real world,as I ascended to the first floor where her celebration was taking place I was greeted by her uncle and few running kids along ,then the blessing by the expensive stone studded statue of the Lord Venkateshwara, the lights brightened up the moods of the groomed people there.

Once I entered,it was no normal ve
nue, it was decorated for the reception! It was as if she was half-married that day,right in the middle hung a chandelier that had the embedded dazzling stones receiving most of the attention of the arrived guests on his opulent look but as the crowd receded due to our nearing to the raised stage,it was the whole of goodness and awesomeness was concentrated on the stage ,the couple looked right for each other, like the two drifted puzzle parts awaiting to make a perfect picture,the jigsaw puzzle was solved and it could have never looked so right , beautiful.Like a sublime spring on a monsoon day:)

All her family members were frantic, happy, tensed and busy in an effort to make everything as perfect as possible and hats off to all of them, they were in the hall, the dining area,the stage and with a smile concerned about the guests.

While my little friend looked all pretty and lady like ,so was her fiance who was more than happy,approachable and with a warm acceptance of all her kith and kin along with her friends,they looked like a pair of dolls from the fairyland toy-store.

Then to my favorite part, the dinner..oh it was heavenly, the dishes were the charms of the amazing chefs and her choice of the dishes!My mouth still waters whenever I think of the delicious,yummy dinner!
Now that this girl is experiencing the pre-marriage jitters!All her doubts, all her fears and all her hopes seem to be hanging on the tricky rope,her brave heart is shivering but Aish,all have to say is that even he is there balancing on the same slippery rope, holding you, supporting you and by supporting each other you will reach the sublime end and you will realize that all the risks were worth it, all your fears were perfectly normal,the jitters and a part of this path but then you will reach the rainbow bridge and will have a chocolate house !!Oh we have read too many fairy-tales while growing up, didn’t we?But putta,everything going to be all-right!!

“All is well even the fears,even the parting because you are going to be someone else’s heartbeat from now on and trust me ,it’s the best position that you would love and it demands a few sacrifices from both ends and I’m sure that you are going to happy and become the part of happily ever afters!

With Love,



3 thoughts on “The Sublime Spring:)

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    luved it:):) ty soo much bru:):) ty 4 always staying by me nd u r such a gr8 support:):)


  2. Beautifully written…it shows your true love for friend… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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