The Haircut Headlines:)

“Gross! Your tread of hair again,I don’t want my lunch” This is my brother yelling at me pointing out to the the long black hair in his rice, well now that is not something very good, right but then he doesn’t keep up to his words, he slowly scoops it out, keeps beside his plates and wait for me to retrieve it.

First of all I’m trying hard to learn cooking mustering all my skills buried in my genes.

Second of all I’m doing good at it,at-least it is edible,don’t worry it is not that bad either as my taste buds kinda have really high standards and hence only foods that pass the test go to the dining table.

Yes I admit the occurrence of al the disasters,with flamed seasoning,half-baked dosas,the continental chapathis,over-cooked rice,salty soup..yeah yeah my skills lagged behind in the dawn but then I’m not a born chef, no one is, right!I Did go through all these and family is well and healthy is that’s what is running in your minds!

But then when it comes to my tresses which is long, black, straight and not so soft and silky,definitely not the best combination ever but then it is specialized to screw me every single day.

Hence whenever my brother finds that long hair in his platter, he grimaces and scorn a lot, common guys are lucky not to have their hairs grown till their end of the spinal chords and they really never bother to cook unless they are all alone and the stomach demands for the survival.

So You know what I did?

I chopped them off,I had grown tired of my parents and all the relatives, near and far, kith and kin…All their concern of leaving my hairs long and do you know the reason!It is because on the day of my wedding I can really be proud of my beautifully braided hair, decked with decorations and flowers!

“like seriously?” All my life I never had a step cut, laser or the fringes(With All my life I mean from when I was 16)

Anyway I did get a decent cut that wouldn’t put them into a shock,well pixie cut was in my mind but literally you can’t do that to parents hence the front had a layered laser cut that fell on my cheeks in proportion giving my face a whole new look and the remaining bunch was scissored into a deep U!OH how much I wanted a pixie instead of this deliberate mix.

With a satisfied look, a smile broadened and swaying my hairs in the evening breeze I reached home, I just gave my dad an innocent look that spoke ” dad, That parlor lady messed my hairs, I said something and she did entirely different” He just nodded and went back to get addicted to the cell-phone!Damn I’m 22 and I don’t have a cell-phone .I live in a parallel world!

Oh back to my cut, I had grown to loving it for the initial weeks,it had increased my confidence or was it arrogance!

Anyway few days later I realized that the only hairstyle I could properly sport was of leaving my hairs, neatly curled at the ends and set every single time, otherwise,my not-so obedient hairs flew everywhere…whatever happened to the trending fashion of the french plaits sported in all the cornetto ads!

The easy bun wasn’t easy after-all, the messed up hair pricked my eyes,a pony was never so out of place and gypsy!

Now I kinda started to miss my long hairs, back to square one…not happy with the hairs that I have!

A hive-five to all the girls out there who loves every other hairstyles except yours!!

Until next post:)


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