The World Lies In Her Mirror!

Stranger She was ;from the bruised past.

A past where a lethal memory lies,

Tears roll down, demanding me.

The justice  I should bestow her with.

In the dark room, she dwells.

Even the moonlight ceases to reach her;

A shadow touches my heart, questioning me,

Of the right I should have presented her with.

Sounds of her anklets,worried it seems.

The devil throws in some stale food

Hesitates she, when I’m around to gobble,pleading,

For the life I should have crowned her with.

Memory beckons from the bleak ray,I rise

To justice,right and love of life

After-all,for how many more days are left,

To die in the black hole of madness.


The shattered mirror heralds the beginning of a new life

Peace with past, forgotten present and presents the future,

I wipe my tears, the stale food no long
er is mine nor is my fate,

Coz sunlight is up for a warm welcome;

For the beautiful strong girl in front of the mirror:)

Brunda Rajesh


2 thoughts on “The World Lies In Her Mirror!

  1. You gave the poem a very nice ending. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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