Birthday letter to my closest friend:)

At 6:45 , kavya hears my sleepy voice with the little-girls happy birthday song that I sing in my cracky voice every year, there is a small tinge of guilt and pain that I won’t be able to meet her on her special day! She was already in her corporate world slogging!!This girl never ceases to surprise me!
Hey kavi, I know that you are busy but why don’t you listen up!! Go back to the first day we met.
It was in the AEC Lab, and all our names were called out and your name was in between all the shree’s and I was looking forward to see all the shree’s together but you do know with whom I spent my first day with!
Then when we did really meet , all we could say each other was
“I have seen you somewhere!”
And yes indeed, we would have met, with our pu colleges nearby boarding the same bus, we must have even stood beside each other in the same bus but never recognised!!
Those are special moments , aren’t they!! Realizing that a stranger would become so close that I can bet my life on her!
It’s been five years since we were embraced my friendship and we have seen all the communications-gaps, those really mean phases, cries, laughs ,giggles, surprises, graphs, assignments, labcoats, comments, circles!!The list never seems to end, each tiny incident I can put into phrases and present you a scenario Kavi..
There are too many sliding in the memory lane buddy!!There are a lot to tell you but why don’t I put up that as a surprise on the celebration day;)
You are special, very special dear friend Wishing you a very happy birthday.
I am late, ain’t I! But I tend to believe that words find me late!it’s been really days since I have even properly spoken to you! And yeah that haircut suits you a lot

Kavi , 25th of august was just any other day but the credit goes to you that I smile and wait for the day to arrive and because we strongly believe in so-called-bad-luck!! 25th tends to be just another without-KAMB day for you.
It hurts kavi, it really does, to not have met you,to not have seen you on this precious day!But when I say that it still means a lot, it comes right from the bottom of our hearts, on behalf of mangs and appy too.We all want to be there, just like the way you stood, you planned, you shopped, you slogged! For us..
Would you love to remember few little things that we laugh about when we think about you,read on..
1. When you say that you can’t hear properly giving the reason of your damaged ear while all the fault would be ours, speaking in a non-human speed, we laugh at your excuse, we know that you are trying to make us feel better
2. When every time you completed an exam and come out crying that you would flunk..haha,we have laughed because it would always be the other way round.
3. We always wanted you to get whatever you wished for coz kavi, hell lot of people’s smile depend on that sweet little curve on your face.
4. We also laugh when you do all the pooja, follow the stomach churning traditions and say you don’t believe in idolizing god but you see him as a power!
5. AND of-course the times when the normal water from our college would give you the kick of alcohol!!Oh dear, the poor souls who were targeted to your wrath of talks! We have had the best times.
6. That belief of luck, happening to see a face that would make you cry out loud and exit the exam hall!! We really tried hard so that you would miss certain bad-luck!!Crazy us
7. I love the fact that you hate chapathi’s!!
Many more but I really do want to give you a big hug( hugggsss),don’t just sit there and smile,close your eyes and travel through the amazing days at college and even after that!
Your birthday was,is and will always be special dear because you are a special person lighting up KAMB’s life.
We all love you loads and when we meet, instead of b’day bums there would be hell lot of b’day hugs
Now that it’s late and you need to wake up early for the office tomorrow, why don’t you sleep with a smile kavi and dream lovely dreams, never say that you don’t get dreams
Love you a lottGood night b’day gal, sleep


6 thoughts on “Birthday letter to my closest friend:)

  1. AdiC says:

    That’s a really sweet letter! Wish her a belated happy birthday 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really a sweet one…:-) She must be overjoyed to read this…. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AISHWARYA DC says:

    very nyc bru..m sure kaavi would hav luvd dis:):)

    Liked by 1 person

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