Itsy Bitsy Business;)

The project was insane ,she communicated her disgust through her dominant non-assertive eyes.Though the project could give her and her company a break-through ,increasing the profit by two fold,her morality disagreed to the decision.

There were people residing, dreams being born and a right to live for all the less fortunate people below poverty line, still they weren’t accounted, as they were residing the small huts in the slum, the project demanded their evacuation irrespective of the moral thought that the people would be homeless and left to die.

“I don’t understand Divya!!You are my partner,we have built this company from bricks, this is our dream and you are hell-bent on destroying it?” Ayan banged his fist on her table.

Ayan was her partner in business and in real-life but their strong foundation was being jeopardize over this issue.She knew if she followed her heart,the relation wouldn’t stand.

She tried her best but he could never see from her perspective,the goal-oriented husband shoved off her moral honesty.

The hot cup of coffee in front of her was turning cold,she opened a file with documents of the project hoping to find a way out,she tied up her hair into a bun, left her strong business shoes that symbolized her assertion of her company,tears were far hidden down,she always believed in the work to be done ,solution to be found rather than dehydrating herself over some critical issue.

The blueprint of the project lay in front of her,the clock chimed 11 pm and only her office was bright with light.She longingly looked at the door for Ayan to come over and take her home,understanding her.

That was a distant dream,she sighed and made the necessary changes in the plan, staring at the corner of the room as if o gain motivation and inspiration from it.She slogged more and more for a week.Ayan held back by his ego ventured less into her non-profitable ideas, he couldn’t help as she was the co-founder and soul-mate of his company and life.Sometimes he would make sure she had her food at the right intervals too but he kept the urge to go to her at bay.The day arrived when the whole staff had gathered in the presentation room along with the business delegates,the monstrous whales of the marketing kingdom who were the business partners,those responsible for the double-fold increase in the salary.

Divya entered with a warm smile and determined eye and switched on the projector.

“There is a slight change in the plan my friends, the resort will definitely be build with the most amazing architecture but quite an amount of space will be shifted to the right corner and a two storey building will come up there instead”

“And what exactly do you intend to do with the building?” It was Ayan, pinning her with his dominant voice

“The people being evacuated from the middle will be given shelter in the building”

“No Mrs Gupta,it’s just would be a waste of money and space” Karan ,the sponsor thundered.

“Sir, how much do you expect to spend on maintenance?”

To her question ,all that she got from Ayan was a smile,this time an encouraging one!

“Absolutely providing a shelter and employment!Exactly what we want” Ayan applauded.applauded. Divya thanked her stars,she was going to win this battle,now that he was on her side.


Divya gave out a smirk at her husband and went on with the presentation, her confidence had increased, now with Ayan by her side.Though there was too many side-comments and oppositions,Ayan helped her with her thoughts, though the company would incur a slight loss for a few months ,but then it would reach it’s expectations and also a peaceful mind would make the company a healthier place and also a bit of publicity would do too, a strong point that Ayan had argued all through the discussion to which finally the marketing whales agreed to.

“Sorry!” He pushed a plate of her favorite noodles towards her.

“Only noodles wouldn’t do!!!” Divya pushed it back.

“Half of my company is yours!” he proposed

“Not interested!” she scoffed.

“A week’s holiday trip to Thailand “he thrust the tickets into her hand.

“How about I go alone!” she winked

“I’ll follow you there…” He creased his ticket and kept it inside

“Fine by me” Divya got up and went to describe the future plans for the successful execution of her project, the tea break had won her back everything!

Thailand , she gleed:)

This story was lying cozily wrapped up in my drawer for a couple of months,I had left it incomplete and today with that picture(again from my garden) instilled faith in the wordings” The story finds us ,we never create it”…True:) Hope you like the fiction.It’s my 100th post:) yayy:)


6 thoughts on “Itsy Bitsy Business;)

  1. devinair says:

    Reblogged this on Thoughts and commented:
    A very interesting story on how professional and personal lives come together when the couple work together

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  2. Alok Singhal says:

    Nice story, hope the marketing whales around get pleased so easily 🙂
    Else, the world would shut doors for the poor one day!

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