Will I die Today?

Realization struck me like a slow hard punch, you never know How it starts and absolutely barred away from   how it is going to end but to be struck somewhere in the middle where the strong knuckles collides with your jaw…Yes that is where I am.

The alley seemed bright and friendly earlier this evening, having spent the time intently listening to Ashana’s continuous blabbering instead of my old chemistry professor who had stuck out his wobbly hands , his wrinkled fingers holding the delicate pipette explaining of oxidation process! It seemed too boring ,he had repeated the very same instructions from a more than six months, I grimaced for the nth time sprawling my arms along with a yawn. My professor looked short and bloated with a tiny swamp of hair covering his shiny bald head which was reflecting the light from the tube-light above.

Ashana’s story of her native ghosts and scary people were far more interesting to teh chemical equations but then something caught my attention

“What if you die today?”

Harminder ,the guy sitting behind me ,he was nick-named the philosopher of our class,I grimaced at the topic and instantly decided to ignore him, death wasn’t an easy topic to debate upon,I got Goosebumps remembering my late grandfather’s death in front of my eyes.I shunned away that thought even though my eyes dilated, there was a tiny thump louder in my heart,was it because of the insane ghost stories that Ashana was narrating or Harminder’s reminder of death,I felt a premonition…

It was in that fraction of a second that my tiny short enthusiastic chemistry professor slipped from the dais, his head pointed to a nail projecting from the bench waiting like a hungry animal to gobble up his brain.

I gave out a sly scream and everybody’s eyes scrutinized me, he had balanced himself and was safe sound and yet remained short ,humpty-dumpty didn’t have a great fall afterall!He smiled at me and resumed his teachings or rather preaching of the chemistry lord.

“Right in the middle of the forest, there was a whooshing fire ghost,it scared the hell out of us, me and my cousins fled” Ashana blabbered all the way from tuition ,the alley was bright and friendly.I muted her talks and went back to the buried topic of death that was probed by Harminder in the class.

I definitely didn’t know what I would do if I were to die today.I slowed down as my heart raced then with a deep inhale of the air I grinned cause it smelled of kachori and pani-puri from the purab shop nearby.I felt the crunchy sand beneath my feet and breeze touched the back of my ears,it was tingly feeling.I took out the bottle from my bagpack and for the first time ever I gulped down the water so consciously aware of it’s cold refreshing texture down my throat.

I had never felt so good drinking water,the chirping were a warm welcome today and the honks never reached me.

Realization struck me like a slow punch.A car or a van,I couldn’t make out, had hit my back, an excruciating pain travelled up my limbs,

“Was I dreaming?Was I going to die?”

“What if you die today?” Harminder’s voice thundered my senses

I don’t know,I’m scared was my answer to his question but I had felt the wind, the sand ,the water and chirps like I had never felt before……..

“Will I die today????”


2 thoughts on “Will I die Today?

  1. Anita Sahu says:

    Nice one….it can be easy to discuss about death but it comes to our death or death of our dear ones, it gets difficult….

    Liked by 1 person

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