Old Antique Love

It has been a long evening with a long painful walk from home to the near-by cafeteria, exactly 10 minutes walk but still seems far enough to me,the cafeteria looks posh and sophisticate with all the coffee brown and creamy white texture,tiny catchy bean footprint all over.It is a treat to watch such beautiful architecture for a person living in the same old swamp all his life.

I wait as my breath stabilises, my knees tremble yet are healthy today and I smile as she, with all her grace stands beside me.old

“Really?Do you want us to go in there?” she nudges me with a hesitance smeared all over her face.

“Common!I have earned enough and you have slogged enough, today is my treat, for the first time in 35 years” a sense of deep emotion strikes my heart, a sense of guilt weighs my senses.

Her wrinkles are beautifully folded of secrets,her parenthesis closes as she smiles with me,her eyes seem to have a retina problem,I decide to get her treated while we stand outside the cafe coffee day.

I hold her hands and lead her to the counter where little kids of twenties with red highlight caps with a constant warm smile greets us, she stops mid-way coaxing me to turn around and leave.I insist her to stay and make her sit on the red lovely leather sofa behind which has a graffiti and a bright picture of kids in their teens posing for yo-yo’s and the new so called selfies!!

‘”How is the feeling here?” I ask her as I hold her hands with my wrinkled hands.

“It’s too cold, why have a they put ac in winter ?” her brows narrow down with disgust and goosebumps raise on her soft skin.Yet she looks like a lost puppy in a grand house.

I smile and turn towards the little kids in their twenties, they seem so kiddish to my old eyes,gesturing them to reduce the unnecessary ac.

The younger pairs around us smile and gives a warm push to mingle to the surroundings.Some of them stare us with wide eyes, an old sweet couple in CCD isn’t an everyday treat, is it?A few more little girls with pucker their lips with a tinge of jealousy at the corner of their eyes,after-all we were adorable too, we resemble a couple of old rugged dolls from the attic and is on display in a posh show-case , it becomes an instant lodestone and gets the name of sophisticated antique.

My dear wife sits on the edge of the comfortable sofa , she is my adorable antique.

“You are going to pay 500 bugs for this??” she widens her eyes with surprise and shock while she slowly sips in the sober cappuccino.

“yes! it’s for you who tolerated me all your life, 500 is rather less” I smile trying to change her focus from money,we were in this beautiful place,looking best amongst the beautiful young couples, we can have a great time.

“No way,500?? I can prepare a better coffee for you! you pay them for this heart art here!sugar? why is it so less.Wait I’ll teach these young people how to brew coffee?” she blabbers on with her tense forehead and angry eyes on the coffee folk and makes her way to the counter slowly.

I smirk a little more, she is perfect, never goes with the crowd and above-all her no-nonsense take in the things she loves, my woman never changes. I never want her to change.

I give her time to settle down with the people at the counter,I have fun sight looking at the dumbstruck CCD folk, her cute gestures of teaching them the skills of coffee making and with all the skills she possess, it is my turn to make a presence.

“Honey!Yes these people are unaware of it. All of you, listen to her”I order them with a wink.

For now,come on,lets finish of the 500 bugs coffee!Don’t we?” I lead her to our little world,she still seems unhappy with the spending but she still grumbles of the taste quality and color.

‘I’m going to prepare your favorite strong coffee once we reach home” she smiles and gulps the coffee down her throat.

I nod and agree to her,I don’t know how many more days I get to see her like this.We are after-all old antique dolls, ready to tumble and fall off…

I wish to fall first before I lose her out of my sight…My dear wife!


6 thoughts on “Old Antique Love

  1. Pulkit Verma says:

    Wow! A perfect love story and impeccable piece of writing. Where did you get the inspiration from?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. AISHWARYA DC says:

    very well written..every1 would luv 2 hav a life partner of this kind!! way 2 go buddy!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anjali says:

    Beautiful story 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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