Why Bed Coffee is not healthy!

Coffee, a favourite beverage that is born with temptation and all you want to do with the slightest mood swing or a nice evening spent ,coffee is always your unflinching, honest companion.
Now what if I say, Coffee is bad, you would curse me as bad but with little modification let me tell you to never take coffee on empty stomach. Now you make a sarcastic face saying that ,bed coffee? Do I need to sacrifice that?
A serious nod!

So join me while I take you on a tour through the facts that certifies why coffee on empty stomach can do to you.

Consists of caffeine that gives our taste buds the necessary tempt for going for another cup .coff

What they do?

1.Caffeine is an unnecessary stimulant!

It actually stimulates the adrenal glands that should be or will be stimulated only during grave dangers or tensed buckled up situation, quoting the age old example of how fast you run if a wild dog chases you off your feet, it is then your adrenal will be released but why does that have to be stimulated early in the morning, you do not want an unnecessary tensed ,chased day, do you?
This hormone generally flood through your blood, increase your heart-rate and blood pressure! Now you know why your BP can just be maintained!
Not constrained to this, the liver gets a activation from the brain to release blood sugar to provide energy to your muscles to fleet from the dangerous attack, your digestive system shuts down to divert the energy on saving yourself.
NOW TELL ME why do your body needs to undergo all these extreme changes while you are just sitting at one fixed place, glued to the computer, tv or lazing about with a big mug of coffee in you hands. A major trigger for a health issues isn’t it?

2.Coffee increases ACIDITY!

Yes you heard me right! Remember those billion times when you twitch around and vanish from places just because of one wretched thing-Acidity.
Caffeine irritates the inner linings of your stomach and intestines giving it a wrong notion to release HCL (hydrochloric acid), now why would you want your digestive system to activate when your stomach is absolutely empty, the over-release of these acids will cause acidity and with excess consumption of coffee, your tiny stomach will no longer have the HCL to break down your food. There you go with frustrating undigested food, odour gas formation and bacterial infections.

3.Coffee and heartburn

No it is not the type of heartburn you get when you see your crush becoming somebody else’s girlfriend that makes you go for any drink nearby into your stomach, coffee ,no matter, you drink it in empty stomach.
This Heartburn is mainly caused due to the reflux of the acid that has already been visiting you with acidity all over.


The doctor in the white coat,in the prescription ,writes in bold letters a big no for coffee if you are suffering gastritis ,crohn’s disease, colitis and ulcers.
The bacteria that are responsible for the formation of ulcers find a cozy host environment in your stomach because of the caffeine from your empty stomach in the wee hours of morning. People suffering from this common stomach ulcers and other related diseases has to heed to complete sacrifice of coffee, even the decaffeinated one doesn’t fall into the consuming category.


Yes, most of the people are accustomed to throw the wastes early in the morning only after a cup of initiating coffee. Though Yes it will definitely stimulates the process peristalsis that urges for the better output in the bathroom.
The main wisdom you should have here is that coffee also stimulates the gastric emptying of the stomach even before the proper digestion of the food, hence the acidic content are forcefully dumped into the small intestine too early that causes inflammation or injury to that very place that is supposed to be absorbing most of the nutrients that keeps us hale and healthy.
Hence this undigested problematic food normally causes more flatulence problems.

6.DIURETIC properties- too much good is always bad

The dangerous caffeine content in your coffee when taken at longer duration or unlimited coffee addicts suffer from frequent urge to pee as the caffeine helps in the massive flow of the fluid flushing through the kidneys, hence along with the fluid, the minerals and other necessary nutrients are flushed out thereby dehydrating your body.
Now you must wonder that dehydrated people often look skinny and skeleton body but no it is responsible for gaining weight! Don’t raise your brows, let me explain.
If your body is dehydrated, it has the higher urge to replenish the loss, but normally the signal of dehydration are misunderstood by the brain and instead makes you feel hungry and coax you to grab any food nearby.
Hence next time you are having a snack attack just after meals, go with just a large glass of water, you might just be dehydrated.

7.Mineral Absorption and coffee

The important mineral essential for our body like Iron, zinc, magnesium are often not given to the body as the kidneys might fall less while retaining the magnesium content, the stomach will be impaired of absorbing Iron, all these mineral will be playing an important role in the complex process of digestion and healthy human.
Magnesium is shown to have great responsibilities in the process of our digestion cycle as it converts the food to energy and relieves us of fatigue, sometime magnesium supplements just don’t absorb as the body needs, magnesium oil applied directly on the skin is a way to replenish the mg content in your body.

8.Stress levels and coffee

As we have already learnt that caffeine stimulates the ad reline hormone that is supposed to act only during the extreme danger situation then why do we need it “on” always, this definitely will increase the stress and tension levels that in turn will increase the blood pressure and your heart suffers, none of us wants this, do we?
By taking stress which is a psychological effect will have its impact on digestionand other process, do you remember when you are stressed you go through constipation and gastric issues!!Keep the caffeine content low buddies!
There is a hormone called as GABA that induces the calmness in you, the receptors are present in the brain and gastro-intestinal tract that soothes the muscles around there but then caffeine has such a impact on GABA that interrupt it’s activities and render the unwanted tensed mood with less calmness in your brain and moods.

Now that I have listed the effects of bed coffee or the coffee consumed in an empty stomach will have you on check! Never ignore health, it’s precious.


2 thoughts on “Why Bed Coffee is not healthy!

  1. deeshanibatra says:

    An informative and alerting post! thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • brunda bru says:

      hey thanks deesha:)I have nominated you for the sunshine blogger award..check it out here:)https://brundaoperan.wordpress.com/2015/07/15/sunshine-blogger-award-another-one-in-the-bag/


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