The Deathly hollows-Blue Monster

{The beach echoed of lost worlds,lonely cries and the submerged lands.}



It was time,time to perish the sands where once ,laughs resounded,mountains ruled,the smiles spoke,where the land had life but now all that remained of the ragged land was fallen spirits,sleepless nights,lonely hearts,broken families and the destroyed face of mankind and his creation.
The ocean roared it’s victory,it had taken down the masters of the earth,the complex civilized monkeys within a shutter of the eye.
Now it gleed after a sumptuous meal to it’s crusts content,traces of the historic place was just history.The evidence that remained is me and a few others.I was a traveler and I was still alive ,agony racing it’s pace in my shivered heart.he beautiful place,the skilled architects,the streets full of life and zeal,the kid’s giggles,the fat weddings, the royal temples,the delicious food from heaven turned into waters in front of me,holding on to my dear life,I climbed the nearest tree, the water gushing, the cars toppling, the building crashing down,the electricity hazards were all a part of my little-spanned life right now.
Sitting on the very top of the strong bending tree, I trembled less of the coldness but of the fear, my heart was wounded to see many people I had shared my life with last few days,taken away by the currents.
I recognized Varun, he was a nice IT fellow who was here with his dear wife and an year old baby, I saw him fighting against the waters, trying to reach the opposite end,he was swallowing the salt water,spiting, screaming and swish he was submerged and taken away.I froze at the close reality,any time the branch would break, any moment I could be varun.
Roxy , the street dog in the streets of the lodge I stayed was swiftly carried away ,its black spots on the skin had blood stains,was it of the people or was he hurt,I inched to help him,no matter how much I wished I couldn’t save him either,like Varun,he was taken into the wrath of the water demon.
I reached the top of the tree fighting the threatening winds and the deathly hollows below,I knew my end was near, nothing of which I could place my mind to, I was numb with the view of what the beautiful calm blue waters could do,below my feet are the cries,the blue angry waters,I stink of the dead and mutilations,hunger ridden,cold I await my turn to be swallowed by the blue monster.
There folding my hands into a prayer,I hang on shivering,crying,praying,loathing the waters but then a life-boat arrives and few brave hearts save my life.I am alive,I’m chosen to be alive,WHY??


2 thoughts on “The Deathly hollows-Blue Monster

  1. deeshanibatra says:

    Interesting fiction, I loved the special effects to the scene that you’ve added through your potent words. Good job 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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