Amazing Green Tea Recipes that you would Love!

A perfect body without flab of fats around your belly and a toned body is every girl’s dream, isn’t it? For most of us, those tyre like waist and flabby arms are the sole reason for the nightmares, stress and those dark circles under your eyes with few more pimples and blemishes caused due to worrying of gaining a few pounds.
That pensive check of weight every single morning praying to have reduced few grams and sacrificing the delight that our taste buds crave off. But girls no matter what you do, even drinking water makes you feel like you have added a few calories.gn1

So will you smile if I tell you that the same water with a bit of heat and a sprinkle of magic ingredients that can pull you out of this weight worry.
The magic drink is green tea, the wonder drink that refreshes you from inside, rejuvenates those lazy organs and detoxify your body by purifying the blood to give you a glowing fresh skin, a flat stomach and good health.
So here are few recipes that can make you smile at yourself admiringly in front of the mirror everyday.

1.Lavender flavoured Iced green Tea

This is a great flavour to consume the normal green tea with !The green tea is a low-calorie drink that activates your activeness and with the fresh subtle of the tea can leave you fresh and healthy for the whole day.
Gather the ingredients
• Dried lavender blossoms(fresh)-available in markets- 1 ½ tsp
• Green tea bags- 4
• Spring lavender(if you get it)-1
How to prepare
• Take out a sauce pan and pour ½ cup of water and heat it till it gets simmer or light boil bubbles.
• Distinguish the heat and take the sauce pan away, now add tea and lavender to the heated water.
• Steep in for five minutes ,strain the content into a bowl and wait for it to cool down
Take some glass cups for classy look with few cubes of ice
Pour the cooled tea inside it and fill it below the rim.
Sprinkle in some lavender blossoms for an inviting healthy drink and serve cold

2.Green tea kimango smoothie delight

Tired of the normal tea with lemon and spices, now to get your creative heads together, here’s the recipe for a smoothie delight that is sunny and green, mashing up the mangoes and kiwi fruits into a healthy green tea drink. So lets go..
Grab these ingredients
• Mangoes frozen and diced- 2 ½ cups
• Fat free vanilla Yogurt- ¾ cup
• Honey- ¼ cup
• Lime rind (grated) – ½ tsp
• Ripe kiwi fruit peeled and quartered) – 3
• Baby spinach (packed) – ½ cup
• Bottled green tea – 2 tbsp
• Water- 2tbsp
• Ice cubes- 2 cups
How to get this smoothie done:
Add in the mangoes,1/2 cup of yogurt,water,lime rind,2 tbsp of honey into the blender and process it until you get the smooth texture and stir occasionally.
Pour the mixture into 4 different glasses and then it goes into the freezer.
Back to the blender which is rinsed, add in ¼ (remaining) cup yogurt,2tbsp of honey,kiwi fruit,baby spinach,green tea ,water and those ice cubes. blend it again until you that smooth thick texture.
Now very skilfully take the spoonfuls of the kiwi mixture and lace it on the mango mixture
Present and serve
For the topping, so with the elegant sliced kiwi fruit and stir the combinational drink for flavor
Serve it immediately.

3.Spritzer with green tea and cranberry

Are you throwing a party? make sure this delight highlight your drinks, it sure will get you man thumps-up for the healthy idea.
Grab the ingredients:
Green tea bags- 4
Cranberry juice – ½ cup
Seltzer (chilled)- 3 cups
Sugar -1/3 cup
Water – 1/3 cup
How to get this done:
Take a sauce pan,heat the water and add sugar ,stir this slowly until it dissolves.
Have it completely colled now steep the tea-bags in 2 cups of boiling water for two minutes.
Remove the bag and wait for it t o cool down completely.
Pour the cranberry juice and the tea the ice filled glasses
Present and serve
Top the relishing drink it with chilled seltzer and serve

4.Blueberry Relish

This smoothie contains all the ingredients that creates magic when it comes to improving the metabolism and burn bad fat off your waist. If you are person who has a name in the smoothie lovers list,out are definitely going to love this recipe for cutting that weight off!.
Grab these Ingredients:
• Green Tea Bags- 2
• Fresh Blueberries – 2 cups is good
• Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt- 12 ozs ( remember fat free)
• Almonds (dry, roasted, unsalted) – 2 tbsp
• Flax seeds- 2 tbsp
• Water- ¾ cups
• Ice Cubes- 3
How to get this done:
• The tea preparation goes with boiling the water, graciously dipping the tea bags into it and let it steep for 4 mins..
• Next Squeeze and remove tea bags, chill the tea overnight(trust me, flavour!).
• If using fresh blueberries you need to place it in the freezer overnight.
• The blender is where all these gets into, process all the above ingredients until smooth.
Serve it and relish

Few tips for you

1.Preserve tea leaves in glass jars with stoppers rather than in tins.
2.For a luxurious flavour in the taste ,add a few drops of rose essence to a cup of tea.
3.Mint is very good flavour ,a few mint leaves in the tea-pot gives a classic flavour also good during cold.
4.Heating of tea leaves in oven for 10 mins is a trick to get the strong flavour with less leaves.
5.A last hint comprises of saving the used leaves ,then drying them up use it again to prepare cold tea, why don’t you flavour it with mint and lemon.
Also consuming this green tea in various flavours five cups a day helps you to reduce that weight, don’t you hesitate to do it along with a few mild exercises.
Go on, have fun losing those extra kilo’s with luxury


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