Say Bye to Moles in these Ten Amazing Ways


You are joyously chatting with your friends and one of them points out a little mole on your face, this is a new one, not the birthmark and is giving you a cumbersome time to get rid of it, and within days you observe a few more erupting on your face and on your neck.
You need to heed to this but before doing so, let us know what these exactly are these spots called moles and what they are doing on your beautiful skin.

Birth of the moles

 Cause 1
Melanin is the content that gives your skin color, greater the melanin content, darker is your skin-shade but it does protect you from skin ailments and provides your skin a shield.
But what happens if more of this chemical in your skin concentrates at a point due to hyper active melanocytes due to which moles erupt in the skin. Mostly these are harmless without any pain or irritation on the skin but it is of course associated with beauty and skin care.
Cause 2
Due to excessive oil glands in the skin, the moles emerge which is preferred to be treated as they are yellow in shade and the texture is rough.
Cause 3
The hormones play an important role when you associated with skin ailments, hormonal changes during puberty and pregnancy activates most of the melanin and the oil glands and ends up in giving birth to unwanted moles.
Cause 4
The sun, our dear sun that is always brutally hot in our tropical country damages the skin within a few minutes of exposure.

Nature of the Moles

When you stand in front of the mirror and if you find new marks on your skin, inspect them, these are moles.
Some of them would be brand new and some old that you can’t remember but it may be flat merging with your skin, some bulged over your skin implying an unwanted attention.
Some would be smooth while some more rough.
They vary in colour as well ,the jet black to yellow or shady brown.
Most of these are meant to be harmless but if and when it seems to irritate your skin, know that these moles are capable of cancer, So always wave the red light of danger when you feel that these moles are varying in colour, shape and size, it’s then time to knock at the door of dermatologist for further treatment.

Home remedies –ways to get rid of moles

Switch and continue home remedies for the treatment of moles if and only if the moles are harmless and no pain or irritation is felt, make this sure by consulting your dermatologist if you find a burning or redness on your skin.
Now what can you find at home to get rid of those moles on your skin, here are a few methods worth a try.
Note: Patience is a boon for the treatment hence don’t expect quick 2 hour return for your mole problem.


1. Garlic:

So far garlic has been a wonder for the treatment for skin ailments, cut a slice of the garlic pod and places it on the moles.Along with this is the treatment of ginger-garlic that is believed to be anti-septic and a beneficial mole removal healer.



This not only lightens the skin but helps it to drop off after a few application, five days would be good and four hour or overnight stay would be recommended for better results.
Suits who?
For those people with normal skin, this application is worthy but for sensitive skin,redness might be evidently seen after the application ,so sensitive dudes, don’t go for this method.

2.Banana peel:banana

 How many of us gobbles up a bananas and throws the peel into the trash, we are losing a medicine there.
Take that peel and apply the inside of the peel over the mole and leave for a few hours
Recommended to try for few days
Result: the mole slowly but certainly fades due to drying away and drops off leaving no scar.
Suits Who?
Everybody out there, this doesn’t harm your skin at all and is recommended for all skin types.


 Don’t drool at that beautiful fruit; it’s for making you beautiful.
Slice the fruit and apply the juice of strawberry using a cotton and apply it daily.Works wonders for the removal of moles if applied several times a day
Suits who?
People! Strawberry is for everybody, none can deny it.


 The sweet honey is a beneficial liquid for the mole.
Apply it several times a day, you can even bandage the mole applied with honey, leave it for an hour or so and wash It away.honey
Result: Always excellent results and you can see it n a week’s time, so patience is the key, go for honey.
Suits who?
Again everyone falls in the category of honey users, sensitive skin types can go for it without any worry.


The red heavenly fruits are rich in chemicals that can treat your skin and make it clear, here it clears off the mole too.tomato
Take the tomato juice and apply It over the mole.
Several times daily would be beneficial as it helps to dry off the mole and flakes it away.
As several applications makes your skin dry, apply petroleum jelly around the mole areas.
Result: amazing results as it leaves no scar behind and is excellent in creating a clear skin for you.
Suits Who?
The dry skin types should take the petroleum jelly tip seriously as tomatoes dry the skin rapidly and for everybody else, it works wonders.

7.Onion Juice

The onion juice is mostly recommended by grandma’s! it proves it’s effectiveness from the early times, so put your trust into this treatment
Pour or apply the onion juice over the mole thrice a day.onion
Next wait until the mole falls off on its own
Result: Very effective and results can be seen within a week of it’s application.
Suits Who?
Everybody minus those who are allergic to it, if you find it itchy or burning sensation for more than a minute, wash it off, not for you and your skin is allergic to the onion juice.

8.Baking Soda

baking sodaBaking Soda is recommended for great results available from your kitchen counter.

Mix it with water and apply it on the mole region.

You can apply it along with apple cider too, for effective results.

Results: There might be some inflammation and irritation which will subside within few minutes.

Petroleum jelly is preferably applied around the mole during treatment.

Suits Who?

All except too sensitive skin types.



Iodine is known to be highly effective method in solving mole problems.
Add few drops of iodine directly on the mole, wait for it to dry, later wash it off
Apply twice daily for better results
Note: Apply petroleum jelly around the mole during it’s treatment
Result:Highly effective
Suits who?
Not for sensitive skin-types, also so not ingest iodine as it might cause health problems
Better if people with highly sensitive skin if they don’t go with this for treatment.

10.Aleo-vera   aleo-vera

Aleo-vera is a heavenly herb that can cure any skin ailment
The gel freshly extracted from the aleo-vera plant is directly applied over the mole
Wait until it is dried up, later wash it off.
Results: highly recommended and no scar is left behind and should be applied for a longer period of time
Suits who?
This is for everybody, a magical herb with all qualities of curing and clearing the skin.
So that was the 10 beneficial home remedies tailor made for people who would not go for surgical procedures or mole removal creams.
Mole removal creams are available in markets and can be used consulting your dermatologist.


 Prevention is always better but how?

1.Know your sun exposure
The sun is brutal and can easily damage your skin. Especially when you go out around 10 am to 4 pm is highly not recommended to spend time under direct sunlight. The severe ultra-violet rays stimulates the production of melanin and thus the production of moles all over.
Use umbrella or find a shady place to spend time.
2.Sunscreen,the saviour
Yes, use sunscreens available in markets varying from SPF 15 to SPF 30, depending on when you go out to sun and it’s intensity, if the heat is too high, the higher SPF would do good by protecting your skin.
If you find your skin turn oily once you apply the sunscreen, go with brands that is not oil based, also organic sunscreens are available in ayurvedic shops, it gives better results and lesser dumping of chemicals on your skin.
The mole that you already have, examine it once in a month and look for any change in color ,size or shape, if found any knock at the door of the dermatologist, they’ll know what to do with it.
Exfoliating your skin every day before going to bed is a beauty mantra and if done it regularly, the moles and chapped skin will stay away from you.
Now why wait ? Follow the above methods and look for yourself how it works wonders on your skin.


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