The Gene hugs:)

This is the very first time I’m penning down something for my father, though the thought crossed my mind a couple of times, I simply slided it away waiting for the right time and heart. I had even wished him on Father’s Day, it was just an obligation towards the day celebrated all across the world contrary to the pompous festive mood with greeting cards and gifts for mom on Mother’s day.

Being the first born and a daughter, I was pampered all my childhood and as I grew up I tended to becoming closer to my mother and Dad was for movies and road-trips and less of soulful talks, the reticent behaviour shone brightly in our relation and there are times we are not in terms with each other along with low arguments and days of silence on the context but both of us has this gene of not going back on the topic and nagging about the same.

So this Father’s Day , Dad, I would not gift you anything exceptional but reminisce the gifts you gave me and I seemed to have silently pushed under my conscious


Yes dad, though I would have made fun of you a zillion times for your peculiar way of resurrecting a lost moment and redefining it again for better results, I do it too. All those dramatic portrayal of the myriad of emotions in front of the mirror and then soothing down to a better conclusion! I have it in my genes, from you!


I meant it in a good way daddy, even i forget the statistics of the money spent and come home with a lost look with the conundrum hanging in the air of the missing crispy notes, at least you have mom who helps you with it, but I will be at the other end of her scolding where she tells me that I’m exactly like you in matters like these, there is a hidden smile in my contempt to disagree, but I still love the way we both never create a scene for every it’s good to be like you.


Though it was mom you instilled the importance of daily exercise and yoga, it was you who introduced us to the fun part of the stretches, those hip shakes and leg kicks were my favorite daddy and as always I love to put you behind in the who-stands-the-most in Vrukshasana contest.


Every time a movie got released around the corner, with graceful songs and life-impacting story lines , you took me there. I always wondered as to why you always watched a new movie alone and then take us, it was for us to view better movies and grow up in a good environment, somewhere along the road , these moulded my character, I’m thankful for helping me grow up with rectitude.


I blame you for this, yup though it is not something I’m very proud of, I still love the way how you beat it with a early morning drink of warm water with a pod of garlic followed by reading the newspaper in vajrasana( a yoga posture), the doughty mindset I managed to follow and beat the devil at its heart

I have never thanked you for anything dad and I don’t think so i ever will, my hands are tied with the we are and how our bond works, we just don’t tell things such as these aloud hence I’m writing it down, someday I’ll show this to you and you’ll definitely smile..

With lots of love and a sarcastic smile for my attempt I thank you for the hidden chocolates, for the never raised hand of yours to hit m, for the road-trips and for passing on the wanderlust to me, there are many more but I better stop, I have taken after you DAD and I’m proud of it though I’ll never let you know;)But I’ll hug you sure for it as this is the best way to know how special you are, hope you would notice:)


“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


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