The Party Blow!

Tresses let to down,
With music blurring her senses,
She danced tuning into the steps
Limitless was her youth, mystical

Swarmed she was, by suitors,
Erudite was her appeal coated with morals,
Yet enjoyed she, her narcissistic lure
Undefined was sadness to her, gleeful always.

The playful colors of light embraced her,
Glasses clinked and spilled,the drink never reached
Yet she was lured into smiles and promises by a friend
Gulped forcefully was that little shot, Naive as always she was.

froze her the chills, dreadful she felt
In a tub of cold water she lay,screaming with pain
There was a cut on her lower back making her injury
she was cut, for her kidney that was worth a few lakhs, cheated she was.

In a jiffy she realized being drugged and pulled
Into the dark hallows,unknown to her
The new friend of smiles was a cheat
No riches could make her smile and fly again, like the way she was.

In this Big Bad World!

I recently came across an article on how girls especially the rich lot are lured into drinking, later take advantage of their state by stealing their kidneys, even men are not spared.
The taxi drivers and other people inside these late-night joints are into this business!
So just have a watch when in parties next time!Be safe!
Until next post..:)


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