I was richer than I ever was or ever will be!!

I stood at the middle of the heavy traffic,the vehicles kept honking vigorously around me,the rain drops that used to bring peace and smile brought the vigorous storm along with it,the water was knee high deep and soaked in water and my own tears in my expensive tuxedo I stood there,right in the middle of the road,the infuriated abuses were passed away as dust,the winds slapped me,the vehicles,each one of them had death written over it,I could die!!But they never hit me, I didn’t fathom the reason behind my state,everything was supposed to be alright!r After six years of slogging my asses off over the company,being a fresher and taking all the tantrums of people over me,creating a place for myself and finally …

Finally when I thought that those million sacrifices I made,concentrating less on my parents,those late-night foot-ball matches with dad,those gardening smiles along with mom,those moments when she used to water the plants and water me too,the playful smiles with the kids in the neighborhood,those mid-night screams due to horror movies watching with my little sister,those ice-cream times with my childhood friends and million other happy things that I had abandoned for a car,a luxury home,a stereo and a swimming pool.
Today I was blamed for a single failure of somebody else,dropping my strings to that of being fired,no job,no people for me…I didn’t have that job anymore

Dad always seem to involve in his newspapers and prefers to go to sleep early,mom has removed the garden,my sister is in a hostel for her studies and my friends are too busy to even call or it was I who never bothered to call nor give time to these amazing people in my life,I did lose years of precious smiles,precious clicks of memories.i wish I could rewind time and play it all over again for a second chance and then I would make people happy,I sure will but I will never get that chance,will I?

I stopped an auto to reach home,my haven!I got sympathetic looks from the rickshaw driver,he knew my state or he would have seen people in my state,after all he had seen the real world technically,I was in an illusion of knowing everything.
It was half-past eleven when I reached home,my mom opened the door like always,I observed her wrinkles on her face,I had never noticed, she had gotten weak!She had tears looking at my state,she dried me up,and gave me a glass of warm milk and prepared the the table for my dinner,my dad in his pajama’s came over and handed me the remote,they understood me!
While my mom fed me,my dad spoke of the football match highlights then he went inside and came out with a cheque, it had 2 lakhs written over it.
“here son, take it,this is all that I can do,it might help you” he thrust the precious paper in to my hands.
Did i even deserve his trust and love?
I had no words,I was so elated with the job and earning,little did I realize he had done it all his life but never threw the foot-ball times with me nor the restaurant times with the family,my mom was pampering me,I realized that I dint have a job for sure but I was still rich,richer than any day before nor any day I will be,it was time to call prabha, I would make things right with her,it’s been an year after I broke up with her,she might have moved on or if she hasn’t I’ll spend the rest of my life making upto her,to my family and my friends…I was reborn!thanks to the job that helped me find myself.Today I knew what I need to do!I slept with my parents that night.

Have you ever felt you gave little to the family,I went through this emotion and hence the story,hoping to hear from you:)
Until next post:) have a great day ahead:)


12 thoughts on “I was richer than I ever was or ever will be!!

  1. AdiC says:

    I always fear ending up like this. And so even at the slightest complaint from my close ones, I drop stuff to just give them time. Because nothing ever is as precious as your time, and if you give them that it’s much more than the whole world put together. i hope you find your happiness soon! Take care ❤

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    • brunda bru says:

      Yeah even though we keep a double check our emotions,we are going to slip from the net but the sooner we realize the better it is to bring smiles around,this piece of fiction was a reminder to me:)Thanks for dropping by:)
      you take care too:)

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  2. Deboshree says:

    Hey, I can see where you are coming from. Our mind often plays tricks with us and the heart does somersaults! I am glad you made peace with both of them. Like you said, we really are indebted to out family forever. One way to make them happy is to endeavour to be good, independent and sensitive – even if we are far from them and can’t give them our love in the form of time spent.

    Such a good morning read. 🙂

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    • brunda bru says:

      This piece of fiction came in when I had to teach myself a few lessons .I agree to your point of being sensitive, independent and good ,it sure is going to make them proud and happy:)
      Good morning:)It means a lot if you have a good morning read from my post:)


  3. Sakshi Raina says:

    Sometimes when we get so busy in the web of our busy lives, we tend to overlook these things and it’s time like these when we understand the importance of family.

    I love how this story tends to look at the brighter side of life 🙂

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  4. Alok Singhal says:

    A touching post, sometimes when i feel low i talk to my family more…i know it is not the way it should be !

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  5. AISHWARYA DC says:

    family is d oly thing and r d oly ppl who truly care 4 us..no matter where nd hw v r!!..touching post:)


  6. Hemangini says:

    isn’t that brutal reality of those who are working in a job? i know people who work 8-10 hours a day and live far away from family so they can make a career or people who live in their home but don’t get much time to talk to their families because they get late or have to do extra work at home… Truly wonderful post about not forgetting the important people of your life and finding balance.

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