A moment for the chain snatchers

A walk is a bliss for most of us,a daily routine either in the foggy morning or the breezy evening,isn’t it,to have a count on burning the calories and to stay healthy.The nearest park sets an alarm with the sun and expect your way,the placid atmosphere,the colors by the above artist seems to dumbstruck us and we’ll be on our way thinking of the days chores,the match,the dishes the, kids and what not and you suddenly feel a violent pull,a rather strong pull that makes you scream and writhe with pain,some of us undergo the pulling with a cut or the ears would tear.

I am talking about the culprit chain snatchers who swift enough to grab you off-gaurd leaving you no choice but to look awed with a loss of the most sacred jewelry off your sleek neck that just had a workout or from the temple praying for better life and more happiness and all you encounter is an injury,few cuts and that burglars on speed bikes putting a threat to your life and instilling a fear of roaming around,even if it means to just go around to buy a packet of milk.It brought a shiver down the spine when I heard of a few stories ,stories that we here every week..here are the anecdotescg

When my friend was returning:

This girl is a year younger to me and a just friend,I had gone to visit her to spend some time,there she was all shaken up from college,I was worried and went to her aid,later did I get to know that her new gold chain was snatched while she was walking back home from the bus stop and when asked about the bike number.
She was out-witted and baffled that she couldn’t concentrate on things like numbers when her mind constantly panicked about the expensive gold chain and scratch on her nape.This incident made me avoid that route and take a more crowded path to return home to save myself from the attack.

When my mom went to help:

We were playing badmitton on our street and I had just returned upstairs when I heard a screeching noice followed by screams outside,I sped off to know!
I could see that a guy was struggling with my neighbour aunty who was reluctant to let go of her 70 gm chain,she screamed for help and mom was already beside her yelling to that snatcher to let go,the one seated behind the diver swiftly took out a sharp knife and warned my mother to back off,even my aunty was left with no choice but to let go of the chain and by the time others came for their help,the snatchers were off..The question here is,didn’t I take a note of the number,believe me they had loaded the bike with a few bags that was purposely hanged at the back to cover the number plate,clever and cunning I say.

It took quiet a few days for us to resume with our play on the streets.

The lady who got slapped:

This person is unknown to me but a friend of mine narrated that when this lady, being a very good daughter-in-law and a willful mother,she always was into drawing rangolis in front of the gate,this is an age old tradition of washing the front door and drawing designed patterns to welcome the goddess of wealth,while she was immersed in her art,two guys on the bide sped by pulled her mangalsutra and before she could realize they were gone!She was still in a state of shock but heaved a sign of relief as she was wearing an artificial one well aware of the thugs in the area.
But what came after was beyond imagination,she was there the next day doing her art at her usual timings and quite recovered from the bad experience but they arrived again,clothes covering the faces ,pulled her,gave her slap and threw her artificial chain and speed off swiftly.
Now this is unimaginable stuff and How could they even dare to return and actually slap a person!

These are very few of the instances that I just wrote down but I bet you’ll here more everyday and sometimes the unfortunate ones even get strangled to death,so what are we supposed to do,sit back home and fear fora  few days then roam about with an illusion all these will never happen to us!A big trickster ,the mind!


Alert is the key,being vigilant of your surroundings especially when the road you are taking is deserted,never be so engrossed in your cellphone a such instances,you become an easy pray.

Scream: yes scream as loud as you can and if the snatcher is going on a bike,he will have definitely will have less concentration on his bike,instead of pulling your chain,pull the unbalanced fellow off his bike and scream for help.

The posters by the police department,never ignore those faces on the posters,the culprits whom you should be well aware off but you ignore it as it interests you less,it’s better if you could take a snap and circulate it amongst the people of your neighborhood,it might help people to catch and hand over these thugs to the police.

And your quick sense of noting down the tiniest details ,it may be the bike they ride,the number,a tatoo,something that can be used to identify the snatcher.

For safer side,gold is best for difficult times,if it is going to be threat on your life,wear trendy artificial chains and be content .

When somebody else,the unknown victim is screaming fo help,do not think twice but help them coz someday you’ll be in their situation or one of your loved one will be,if you expect people to help you then!Help them when it’s your turn.

So be safe and lead a happy life with smiles and walks:)

Until next-time:)



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  1. The what can be done part …absolutely agreed…

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