Busy bee and purring happily:)

The days aren’t enough,yes I mean it!and nights ,well I do take eight hours of beauty sleep ,never can I compromise with food and sleep!It’s got nothing to do with beauty per-se but people tend to enjoy my company if my brain is sufficiently fed of sleep and food,note”delicious” food.

But daytime, it has steadily changed from monotonous nothing to cracking downfall of laziness that has kept me on my toes,nah my fingertips!the keyboard is my soul-mate as of now,I can ditch it anytime you know,but my heart still connects.No I haven’t got myself an IT job if that is what you would think of but I’m gladly doing a bit of squirrel work for a meager amount but at-least I like it,more like Love it,isn’t it supposed to be like this,the things you like to pursue and the things you are expected to do are sulking at each other facing the opposites of the magnetic pole and right in the middle,imagine me like a tiny prop balancing almost falling apart and trying again to join either of them.If you can’t imagine me then that’s perfectly fine ,you can imagine yourself!

So there are these mind throbbing sessions inside my rather busy bee brain that slogs off on every idea that pops up on days when the busy is the protocol but there are my instances of being hopelessly low,frustratingly angry and do-nothing-but-watch-tv phases too and my family thinks that absolutely nothing can come out of me!!Oh they are wrong!Still I’m into this internship that is new and time-consuming that is presently eating up my blogging time but I’m not someone who’ll just let it be,my blog is a darling!So is yours to you:)

This internship is about copy writing concept which is not new but something that I hadn’t put my hands into,initially I gave a smiting smile with the concept,you can actually numb your thoughts and re-do few sentences,I know I am wrong but you do know how the evil mind works,exaggeration!!I thought all I had to do was changing few sentences while keeping the main content which probably must have been shared and rewritten all over the web yet my article should stand out with 100% uniqueness,see posts like what I am writing right now,they are 100 no 200 % unique and it’s my thoughts that’s going to be reaching you all,amazing people leading your blessed life and somewhere in the middle kit-kat break would stumble on my posts and give appreciation if its impressive enough.

But what can you possibly do with something called “cloves are beneficial for toothaches”,the sentence that I had to magically change into something fabulously unique witty sentence without destroying the belief that cloves are beneficial to toothaches and people of all walks of life knew yet I had to create a mind-blocking article on it as it is repeated in every other health website!So now you get my confused state ,don’t you.I’m rambling and my brother ditched me as I did that a lot with him around,he’s found bliss in his sleep again!Hence I’m disturbing you all!my apologies but have a great day ahead with less confusion,lesser lines of worry on your forehead and a broader smile:)

It’s time to stop and get back to devouring my favorite vegetable bath:) until next time:)


5 thoughts on “Busy bee and purring happily:)

  1. Oh! wish you the same…. have a lovely life…. 🙂

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  2. Alok Singhal says:

    Keep enjoying your sleep and food, and enlightening all around 🙂
    Btw, not all IT jobs are demanding.

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  3. AISHWARYA DC says:

    Bru i feel what u r doing nw is d best compared to wat ppl do in IT sectors. hw many truly feel the happiness nd c der goals in an IT?? i think between “demanding”and “loving”,loving should be given d priority..bt again no comments on any individual,I do agree dat ultimatelty it is d situations whch decide!!!! lets pray 4 a better situation!!

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