I’d run and never return

Frivolous days they were,
Laden with smidgens of smiles and big eyes,
Expecting our stomachs to be filled always;
Savored were the worldly chapters into our little minds;
That path seems to be far away,
Never to be taken again….

Feared were the browbeats,
Trembling under the shadows of the desks;
We were,charged with school fights,
Still cherished were those times of gory.
That path seems to be long lost,
Never to be taken again….

Clout we were,by our idols
The teachers known,only for
Home works,classrooms and long scales,
Still treasured are those scars on our knuckles;
That path led us to a better future,
Never to be taken again…

Lionized we were,at our grandma’s,
Stuff with summer cakes and late nights
Everything made a difference,unlike now
Counting on tomorrows
While that path was of now
Never to be taken ever again…

Coz we have moved too forward to remember that path
The path of innocent childhood….
Is that path still open coz I’d run and never return…


10 thoughts on “I’d run and never return

  1. That path is always there, hit it anytime you want πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s so nostalgic…how I want to relive those days of innocence… πŸ™‚


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