Into the city of Gokarna #BloggerDreamTeam

Unforgettable Travel Story

Traveling is just not about packing dresses ,minimum make-up and lots of visiting places on your to-visit list ,it all comes down to one single soulful thing of knowing yourself ,giving yourself the necessary time that cuts off during the hectic schedules of the career and family, while the nature insists on real magic, the fog laden heavens, the hot brewing of coffee on an early chilly morning, the automatic glow of freshness and meeting people while the dusk descends you take time to relish the orange smeared skies while the sun peeks with a pinkish blush turning your life into something so worthwhile and at the end of the day, you rest your tired body with a satisfied happy smidgen of smile.

My travel story for this post is the Gokarna – that you have not seen,its a de-tour into the tiny little captures of the amazing life of the folk and special place where they keep you welcomed.

The city of Gokarna is a small temple town located on the western coast of India in the Uttara Kannada district of the Indian state of Karnataka. Main temple and deity is Lord Shiva, who is also known as Mahabhaleshwara. This temple houses what is believed to be original image of Lord Shiva’s lingam (Atmalinga). There are many other temples all over this small town that is a treasure for heritage and unspoiled and rustic nature
Once you step into this city you can hear the chimes of holiness and Hindu traditions that are treasured and inculcated in every soul of the folks here, even the animals and nature seems to have born with a divine intervention ,this city is also a home for traveling foreign tourists who are in a quest of adventure of the Incredible India.


Gokarna is about 583 km from Bangalore, 238 km north of Mangalore and about 59 km from Karwar. It is between the Gangavali and Agnashini rivers and situated along the Karwar coast by the Arabian Sea. It is 200 km north from the college towns of Suratkal.

The Ratha Road

This picture is the street that consists of the Ratha that is manually pulled by the devotees and the residents there,and another small note,every person who has been here,they will definitely have a picture of this in their cameras.ST836590We (my family) were all awake early morning for the glimpse of the famous Gokarneshwara temple, an abode of many Hindu temples and their stories believed and treasured in every household.

The streets of Gokarna resounds of morning devotional songs, the humidity that transits from a chilly foggy morning to a tropical sunny afternoon then to a breezy evening where the shore reminds you of the long walk that you need to take alongside the bluish green sea whose murmurs are an instant meditation to you.
The city is enriched with polite yet defending people ,all deemed to be from the purest of the pure upper bhramin classes yet they all seem like kindred, they speak of a polite yet a high pitched kannada language that you may come to doubt whether they have the knowledge of the existence of the foul slangs across the world.
What caught my attention the most apart from the connection of nature ,shore and the people was the munificent nature that has been in the genes from generations ,If I go with genealogy that is! But yes in their smiles you can hear “athithi devo bhava” and the aroma of the famous gokarna buns makes your senses at ease where tasting that good thing is paramount on your mind.



Folks here are a drawn to art as much as they they drawn to god,the above painting was found on the wall of a house in the narrow streets of the mystical town,almost all households are into the artistic expression and the brass idols are well known from here.



The below picture is an evidenece of what we can do to enhance the beauty of nature,these flowers with much delicacy is an art in itself that lures Indian women into its fragrance,I have found the malas so rustic and natural only here.ST836571

The Beach

-The beach is definitely a place for a calming walk with the murmurs of the tides over-powering your tensed thoughts and the serene view of the colors and nature transcends you to a different place,you can feel happy while your feet sink into the sands of time pulling you to the better hope and happy future that awaits you.So here is the picture of a molluscan that is out of waters and will be probably be dead within few minutes,its body is slimy and too soft, you can find too many of this species on the shores.ST836602So might have got this impulsive question as to where is the real Gokarna but for me it is in these little observations conclude the richness of a place,the real pictures?you can actually google them and you will find it but these!!these are precious and one of a kind captured from my normal samsung scratched camera.

Now whenever you travel to popular destinations marked on your google map, I would encourage you with a camera to take a de-tour, slip into the narrow streets ,take glimpse of the daily activities of people and appreciate the admirable gardens that has bucolic treasures in them .These were a few pictures that tell you the love of the ancient art, the love for nature and the heavenly shower that makes the most mundane things so refreshed with a tiny linger of the petrichor tempting you to stray away from the ratha streets to the tiny footpaths of pure nature and pleasant smiles.I felt at home once I entered and redeemed with a calm mind and lots of optimism enwrapping my cracked roads.So a visit to this calm place very recently helped me to focus on the tiny important things in life ,appreciating the beauty and happiness that I relish from the tiny little things,those tiny little expectations keeps me going:)


5 thoughts on “Into the city of Gokarna #BloggerDreamTeam

  1. You have presented the town of Gokarna very well… it was a virtual tour for me… 🙂

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  2. It was a lovely account of your serene experiences in Gokarna. I loved the way you defined traveling as a way to know ourselves. A beautiful post 🙂

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