My Thatha:)

At the mellow age of seventy still carrying a look so young and the heart so brave, I look at my grandpa (thatha) who is praying the diety in his room with folded palms and closed eyes deeply in a conversation with someone dear to him.

The hands of time had sickled his youth, but he looks the same from an age old photograph of his wedding except for a clean mop of shiny silver hair, perfectly cropped, his clothes ironed to the right creases and he is dressed up as a perfect gentleman within those 10 minutes of ticks and tocks on the clock and as usual I have to wait for an appointment to speak to him, busy as he is helping old friends, retirement just transformed him to the busiest man he always wanted to be, he never sits idle, like a machine that never stops.

With a long bound register working out on expenses, he and his childhood friends who are involved in the social service, he gives his all to the welfare, I have personally witnesses his deeds but never has he admitted nor spoken off his deeds in front of people.I love him for his dedication, his silent works and a sound sleep for just four hours, he wakes up at 4:30 in the morning every single day, never missed it!

He looks great with a -shirt loosely hung upon a lungi while at home and I often tell him to wear the t-shirt always, he looks absolutely handsome, he laughs it off saying the younger generation would mock him and I revert back saying that I think it is cool.

I have never seen him sporting a beard, nah..never but just once when his (athige) i.e brothers wife whom he respected a lot, I reckon he saw his mother in her as he had lost his mother at the age of six, those eleven days of funeral rituals, I dare not remember his dropped face, sunken eyes and frail body. It has been years and I fear that he would reach the same stage and it might take a very long time to turn back and be normal, the reason is the deteriorating health of his older brother( my dodda thatha) as he is sufferring from cancer and my thatha is always on his toes , staying by his side, there are days when I catch my thatha looking away to infinity and lost in thought, the crease between his brows signaled that his thoughts weren’t happy, there was a silent cry that I could make out, I fear that he would lose hope, he would lose the health so very well maintained with walks and works, his righteousness is something that no other could can compete, his love for his brother, a siblingship of many great years, a lifetime!The love between the brothers is beyond my imagination.

There is a silent prayer for the wellbeing of both my thatha’s, I love them both!

Until next post!!


My Humble Hug

The morning newspaper carried the news of the specialty of the day, it was father’s day, it was as normal as any other day for me, usually the days associated with father’s were less known and less spoken off and also because the majority of the male species are not fond of cake cuts, happy social gatherings or party games and my father falls into this vast group though I agree there exists some renegades whom I know of and greatly fond of.

When the prompt came in to write a post for my father, I twitched and turned, I had never written anything for him until I changed this decision when I stumbled on to an old diary dating back to late nineties while searching for some old encyclopaedia from the attic. The diary belonged to my father when he was in late twenties, it was not a journal but his evening college notes that he was pursuing after marriage and with a day job in hand.

Somewhere in the middle of the pages was a note that was tucked and my mom had treasured that verse of his where he had casually written about me when I was born later that year 1992, the four line was for me, about me in kannada , my mother tongue.

He had visualized me growing up with long silky hairs, light foot and beautiful smile, it was just four lines that ended with he wishes to see me smile always, I was happy and over-whelmed, I had seen it a couple of times but never had considered his feelings he must have gone through then, but I never saw him writing again!

Now he is not much into writing or soulful talks, but he does chatter a lot but no serious talks, he binds his inner self well and talks about mundane things with me…But dad I would to understand your hidden soul and know you but I understand you amidst my silent fights!

So here’s a poem for you for that verse,


My first admirer, you were

Made from a sprinkle of anger

Lots of love and a dash of discipline

I know you smiled a lot when I came in

As a staunch protector you stand..for me.


The long road trips we took

The unrecognizable hotels we dined

During the punctured tyres

And awkward orientation classes in my school

You were silent yet your love spoke…to me.


Braided you my bob hairs

Long not it was ,just the way you wanted

Yet you complained less and smiled more

The lost gold rings from my hands never bothered you

I knew I was precious…to you.


Priceless you are and so is my humble hug

Coz your expression remains same with any gift I present you

Though I stopped the gifting spree,

Though I may not thank you aloud

I just say that I love you as you are always there…for me.


I just know!


This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.

The Gene hugs:)

This is the very first time I’m penning down something for my father, though the thought crossed my mind a couple of times, I simply slided it away waiting for the right time and heart. I had even wished him on Father’s Day, it was just an obligation towards the day celebrated all across the world contrary to the pompous festive mood with greeting cards and gifts for mom on Mother’s day.

Being the first born and a daughter, I was pampered all my childhood and as I grew up I tended to becoming closer to my mother and Dad was for movies and road-trips and less of soulful talks, the reticent behaviour shone brightly in our relation and there are times we are not in terms with each other along with low arguments and days of silence on the context but both of us has this gene of not going back on the topic and nagging about the same.

So this Father’s Day , Dad, I would not gift you anything exceptional but reminisce the gifts you gave me and I seemed to have silently pushed under my conscious


Yes dad, though I would have made fun of you a zillion times for your peculiar way of resurrecting a lost moment and redefining it again for better results, I do it too. All those dramatic portrayal of the myriad of emotions in front of the mirror and then soothing down to a better conclusion! I have it in my genes, from you!


I meant it in a good way daddy, even i forget the statistics of the money spent and come home with a lost look with the conundrum hanging in the air of the missing crispy notes, at least you have mom who helps you with it, but I will be at the other end of her scolding where she tells me that I’m exactly like you in matters like these, there is a hidden smile in my contempt to disagree, but I still love the way we both never create a scene for every it’s good to be like you.


Though it was mom you instilled the importance of daily exercise and yoga, it was you who introduced us to the fun part of the stretches, those hip shakes and leg kicks were my favorite daddy and as always I love to put you behind in the who-stands-the-most in Vrukshasana contest.


Every time a movie got released around the corner, with graceful songs and life-impacting story lines , you took me there. I always wondered as to why you always watched a new movie alone and then take us, it was for us to view better movies and grow up in a good environment, somewhere along the road , these moulded my character, I’m thankful for helping me grow up with rectitude.


I blame you for this, yup though it is not something I’m very proud of, I still love the way how you beat it with a early morning drink of warm water with a pod of garlic followed by reading the newspaper in vajrasana( a yoga posture), the doughty mindset I managed to follow and beat the devil at its heart

I have never thanked you for anything dad and I don’t think so i ever will, my hands are tied with the we are and how our bond works, we just don’t tell things such as these aloud hence I’m writing it down, someday I’ll show this to you and you’ll definitely smile..

With lots of love and a sarcastic smile for my attempt I thank you for the hidden chocolates, for the never raised hand of yours to hit m, for the road-trips and for passing on the wanderlust to me, there are many more but I better stop, I have taken after you DAD and I’m proud of it though I’ll never let you know;)But I’ll hug you sure for it as this is the best way to know how special you are, hope you would notice:)


“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

The Party Blow!

Tresses let to down,
With music blurring her senses,
She danced tuning into the steps
Limitless was her youth, mystical

Swarmed she was, by suitors,
Erudite was her appeal coated with morals,
Yet enjoyed she, her narcissistic lure
Undefined was sadness to her, gleeful always.

The playful colors of light embraced her,
Glasses clinked and spilled,the drink never reached
Yet she was lured into smiles and promises by a friend
Gulped forcefully was that little shot, Naive as always she was.

froze her the chills, dreadful she felt
In a tub of cold water she lay,screaming with pain
There was a cut on her lower back making her injury
she was cut, for her kidney that was worth a few lakhs, cheated she was.

In a jiffy she realized being drugged and pulled
Into the dark hallows,unknown to her
The new friend of smiles was a cheat
No riches could make her smile and fly again, like the way she was.

In this Big Bad World!

I recently came across an article on how girls especially the rich lot are lured into drinking, later take advantage of their state by stealing their kidneys, even men are not spared.
The taxi drivers and other people inside these late-night joints are into this business!
So just have a watch when in parties next time!Be safe!
Until next post..:)

That ONE!

That one tinkle of your words,

Truth or lie I care not.

That one soulful talk,

feigned or genuine I ponder not.

That one set of happy steps

In whipping rain or brutal sun,I fret not.

That one promise,

Kept or shattered,I worry not.

That One sumptuous devour of food,

In luxury or cart,I care not.

That one letter of joy,aish

Written or not,I will treasure.

Coz I care only for you and that My dear

Is enough for both you and me.

I was richer than I ever was or ever will be!!

I stood at the middle of the heavy traffic,the vehicles kept honking vigorously around me,the rain drops that used to bring peace and smile brought the vigorous storm along with it,the water was knee high deep and soaked in water and my own tears in my expensive tuxedo I stood there,right in the middle of the road,the infuriated abuses were passed away as dust,the winds slapped me,the vehicles,each one of them had death written over it,I could die!!But they never hit me, I didn’t fathom the reason behind my state,everything was supposed to be alright!r After six years of slogging my asses off over the company,being a fresher and taking all the tantrums of people over me,creating a place for myself and finally …

Finally when I thought that those million sacrifices I made,concentrating less on my parents,those late-night foot-ball matches with dad,those gardening smiles along with mom,those moments when she used to water the plants and water me too,the playful smiles with the kids in the neighborhood,those mid-night screams due to horror movies watching with my little sister,those ice-cream times with my childhood friends and million other happy things that I had abandoned for a car,a luxury home,a stereo and a swimming pool.
Today I was blamed for a single failure of somebody else,dropping my strings to that of being fired,no job,no people for me…I didn’t have that job anymore

Dad always seem to involve in his newspapers and prefers to go to sleep early,mom has removed the garden,my sister is in a hostel for her studies and my friends are too busy to even call or it was I who never bothered to call nor give time to these amazing people in my life,I did lose years of precious smiles,precious clicks of memories.i wish I could rewind time and play it all over again for a second chance and then I would make people happy,I sure will but I will never get that chance,will I?

I stopped an auto to reach home,my haven!I got sympathetic looks from the rickshaw driver,he knew my state or he would have seen people in my state,after all he had seen the real world technically,I was in an illusion of knowing everything.
It was half-past eleven when I reached home,my mom opened the door like always,I observed her wrinkles on her face,I had never noticed, she had gotten weak!She had tears looking at my state,she dried me up,and gave me a glass of warm milk and prepared the the table for my dinner,my dad in his pajama’s came over and handed me the remote,they understood me!
While my mom fed me,my dad spoke of the football match highlights then he went inside and came out with a cheque, it had 2 lakhs written over it.
“here son, take it,this is all that I can do,it might help you” he thrust the precious paper in to my hands.
Did i even deserve his trust and love?
I had no words,I was so elated with the job and earning,little did I realize he had done it all his life but never threw the foot-ball times with me nor the restaurant times with the family,my mom was pampering me,I realized that I dint have a job for sure but I was still rich,richer than any day before nor any day I will be,it was time to call prabha, I would make things right with her,it’s been an year after I broke up with her,she might have moved on or if she hasn’t I’ll spend the rest of my life making upto her,to my family and my friends…I was reborn!thanks to the job that helped me find myself.Today I knew what I need to do!I slept with my parents that night.

Have you ever felt you gave little to the family,I went through this emotion and hence the story,hoping to hear from you:)
Until next post:) have a great day ahead:)

A moment for the chain snatchers

A walk is a bliss for most of us,a daily routine either in the foggy morning or the breezy evening,isn’t it,to have a count on burning the calories and to stay healthy.The nearest park sets an alarm with the sun and expect your way,the placid atmosphere,the colors by the above artist seems to dumbstruck us and we’ll be on our way thinking of the days chores,the match,the dishes the, kids and what not and you suddenly feel a violent pull,a rather strong pull that makes you scream and writhe with pain,some of us undergo the pulling with a cut or the ears would tear.

I am talking about the culprit chain snatchers who swift enough to grab you off-gaurd leaving you no choice but to look awed with a loss of the most sacred jewelry off your sleek neck that just had a workout or from the temple praying for better life and more happiness and all you encounter is an injury,few cuts and that burglars on speed bikes putting a threat to your life and instilling a fear of roaming around,even if it means to just go around to buy a packet of milk.It brought a shiver down the spine when I heard of a few stories ,stories that we here every are the anecdotescg

When my friend was returning:

This girl is a year younger to me and a just friend,I had gone to visit her to spend some time,there she was all shaken up from college,I was worried and went to her aid,later did I get to know that her new gold chain was snatched while she was walking back home from the bus stop and when asked about the bike number.
She was out-witted and baffled that she couldn’t concentrate on things like numbers when her mind constantly panicked about the expensive gold chain and scratch on her nape.This incident made me avoid that route and take a more crowded path to return home to save myself from the attack.

When my mom went to help:

We were playing badmitton on our street and I had just returned upstairs when I heard a screeching noice followed by screams outside,I sped off to know!
I could see that a guy was struggling with my neighbour aunty who was reluctant to let go of her 70 gm chain,she screamed for help and mom was already beside her yelling to that snatcher to let go,the one seated behind the diver swiftly took out a sharp knife and warned my mother to back off,even my aunty was left with no choice but to let go of the chain and by the time others came for their help,the snatchers were off..The question here is,didn’t I take a note of the number,believe me they had loaded the bike with a few bags that was purposely hanged at the back to cover the number plate,clever and cunning I say.

It took quiet a few days for us to resume with our play on the streets.

The lady who got slapped:

This person is unknown to me but a friend of mine narrated that when this lady, being a very good daughter-in-law and a willful mother,she always was into drawing rangolis in front of the gate,this is an age old tradition of washing the front door and drawing designed patterns to welcome the goddess of wealth,while she was immersed in her art,two guys on the bide sped by pulled her mangalsutra and before she could realize they were gone!She was still in a state of shock but heaved a sign of relief as she was wearing an artificial one well aware of the thugs in the area.
But what came after was beyond imagination,she was there the next day doing her art at her usual timings and quite recovered from the bad experience but they arrived again,clothes covering the faces ,pulled her,gave her slap and threw her artificial chain and speed off swiftly.
Now this is unimaginable stuff and How could they even dare to return and actually slap a person!

These are very few of the instances that I just wrote down but I bet you’ll here more everyday and sometimes the unfortunate ones even get strangled to death,so what are we supposed to do,sit back home and fear fora  few days then roam about with an illusion all these will never happen to us!A big trickster ,the mind!


Alert is the key,being vigilant of your surroundings especially when the road you are taking is deserted,never be so engrossed in your cellphone a such instances,you become an easy pray.

Scream: yes scream as loud as you can and if the snatcher is going on a bike,he will have definitely will have less concentration on his bike,instead of pulling your chain,pull the unbalanced fellow off his bike and scream for help.

The posters by the police department,never ignore those faces on the posters,the culprits whom you should be well aware off but you ignore it as it interests you less,it’s better if you could take a snap and circulate it amongst the people of your neighborhood,it might help people to catch and hand over these thugs to the police.

And your quick sense of noting down the tiniest details ,it may be the bike they ride,the number,a tatoo,something that can be used to identify the snatcher.

For safer side,gold is best for difficult times,if it is going to be threat on your life,wear trendy artificial chains and be content .

When somebody else,the unknown victim is screaming fo help,do not think twice but help them coz someday you’ll be in their situation or one of your loved one will be,if you expect people to help you then!Help them when it’s your turn.

So be safe and lead a happy life with smiles and walks:)

Until next-time:)