Crystal Clear-A false word

Dawn it was,bright and gay
Never for once the dark lured
You were the reason, my pretty
Then today,why does it all end
Crystal clear,you still say…

Pride you were,mine
Never for once made me wince
I do now a lot,you are the cause
Its hurts and hurls,the pain
Crystal clear,you still accuse…

Fortunate I was,to have found you
Right when the world blanked out
You make me feel alive again
Then unfair is your decision to abandon me,
Crystal clear,you still banish me…

The love you are,my daughter
After my heart was barren
Made me you,to live,laugh and love
Then why such a blunder?
Crystal clear,you still retreat…

So what if I adopted you?
You are still my princess,my doll and my love,
And you will always be!

Brunda Rajesh