Defining Death!


Though death does pass any positive vibe nor a topic that I can speak off given my age but who else is worthy unless you could meet him, death himself eye-in-eye; this is one of the most intriguing concept in the confusing world of jammed between the science and unexplainable concepts such as the mystery of our soul and death.

As I pensively ponder over this unusual concept I remember my professor of my 12th tuitions, an old wise man whom I am very fond off, he set to explain the most fascinating subject “physics” and he explained the theory that satisfied me beyond, he quoted with science and wisdom in his words that

“Like the way energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be converted from one form to another; our souls, the energy that runs in our veins can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transformed that is reincarnated from one life to another ,thus believing in life after death”

It’s not something that I can prove and fly a victory flag over but somewhere a hope finds the path to light. Another one was from Gandalf from the movie “lord of the rings” stroke a cord to my beliefs when he says
“death is not the end but a path that has to be taken by everyone’

Sentences and words of wisdom such as these grabs my courage and binds it to my soul ,helping me believe and accept that death is an inevitable part of our lives and that mortality is a boon and we need to move on but one thing that I haven’t come in terms with is the way we die.

I understand that until and unless we face it one day that is waiting and pre-written with utmost precision to take us on its way we wouldn’t know, it’s a mystery that commands its distance but again why doesn’t death come to us while we are nicely tucked in our bed ,kissed b our loved ones and smiling in our dream, it could just sneak up unnoticed and just in a split second stop the heart and freeze it !It would be a lot more better than cutting limbs off, trains running over, smashing vehicles, noose below the fan, a tiny bullet, hideous death traps and gruesome ways to end the journey! It is so not fair.

If I would personify death then I would imagine him to be a dusky skin-toned guy in his late twenties, dressed in the latest suits available, as if he is modernizing himself along with time, time ago, the animals killed, lightning killed, his weapons of flood and earthquake did too, and a tiny nail could me murderous in his crafty hands, then men killed ,now machines kill, electricity is a new technological weapon. He knows how the satellite works, he knows how to end flying astronauts and pilots !!he is updated in his own tricky dark ways but still the question remains, why does it have to be a gruesome for some and smooth for others, why? The partial line that punctuates his skilled crafty mind, growing darker ,attending to the whips of the master fate!

It remains a mystery that commands and demands its distance…….