The expert,the beginner!

She is an expert,my mom in everything I can think of under the sun,she repairs machines,creates her garden,do the plumbing work,takes up her teaching job as a tutor for us ,she maintains the house more like a CEO of a company,the home company,she serves as a nurse at times when one of us falls ill,she is the best chef I have ever known and yes she is an all-rounder expert playing like a champ in the cricket field and a sport who can skip upto 50 counts now!! I feel like so little when compared o her,but she is all those for me and that brings upon a smile on my face:)

Memory smiles 1-The very first things that she thought me was to have a perfect balanced cycle,the habits are still strongly imbibed in me,that of the sleeping and waking up hours,she used to often recite the line “early to bed,early to rise makes me a very good and healthy girl” The sleeping time was 9:30 until I passed tenth grade then I extended it to 10:30 until now but sometimes I do miss and go rebel at times but I know I can be healthy and active all day long if could have a good nights sleep,I am made as an early bird rather than a night owl by my is so much better without dark circles and undue sleep:)

Memory smiles 2-The very next thing that I remember of her preachings were of the ways to select things for myself,she used to hand over a 10 rupee note and asked me to buy whatever I wanted when I was really young,a 10 rupee note was a big deal then,I used to go around the shop and buy myself a big chocolate bar and greedily gobble it up,it took her several months to get me out of my obsession for big chocolate bars and taught me how to spend a 10 rupee note as 2’s ,5’s and 3’s selecting a variety of chocolates complimenting my taste buds,she even taught me to save and bought me a piggy bank made of clay,I had once painted it as a vase which I eventually broke open for the rakhi festival! Hence she did make me a better financier,now I can handle thousands of rupees,thanks for those lessons mom,I am better off with expenses and savings.

Memory smiles 3– The third lesson that pops up in my mind is of teaching me how to ride a bicycle,she supported me for days,running tirelessly behind me,assuring me that I wouldn’t fall off,assuring me that she would catch me if I were to fall and eventually let me balance on my own ,also she taught me that tripping ,falling and getting bruised was all a part of the learning curve and that I should move in,pedal on,no matter what comes in the way,she did the same with my life lessons too,I move on tethered on a single ray of hope that emerges from her smile and her confidence! Today I can drive a scooter as well manage to drive a car,I’m able to go out independently making her sit on the pillion,thanks for your spirit of teaching a bad student her driving lessons.Now I have a license and that’s my Identity proof today,thanks for creating my identity in this beautiful crowded place.

Memory smiles 4-The fourth lesson is the last one I’m going to jot down here because I know that a number of posts would be less to tell people what she has taught me,so back from the detour!The best lesson is that she taught me how to cook.For my own sake,to fill my grumbling appetite and a delicious driven taste buds. Those times that were punctuated with her tedious efforts to teach me cooking while I was least interested,that must have been quite a challenge for her!The times when she had deliberately made me sit in front of the cooking programs makes me grin and appreciate her tireless efforts,the times brings a sense of love and gratitude when she used to gulp down a bad coffee or an under cooked breakfast and even enjoy overcooked dessert.

Today I can look after myself,thanks for all those efforts in making me independent, mom!you are an expert in all these,I’m just a beginner,as always:),now I can get my mom a younger look to make her happy,confident and the expert as always.