My stress free mom?

Stress free moms??I don’t think so a word like that even exists,if so it’s totally abstract,a mom is programmed to be stressed and worried or so it seems and she has a valid reason too.

To work for 24/7,365 days as person with skills of a manager,exceptionally good at finance,a motivating speaker,a master chef,the cleaner,the doctor,a best friend,operations manager,stress buster and there pops a never ending list of work she does and never gets paid nor does she expect to ,she has this unconditional love and dedication to the family company:)

Here’s a poem on why my mom needs a massage and a good sleep!

Worries you the weather
The sun,for your appalams
The rain for your hurry marathon
To safe-gaurd the dried clothes
Know not why you stress much
Dear mom,I’m there to help you

Worries you the open window
Of dust and insects coming through
Paramount is our health,that of mine,
Along with others but forgetful you are of your own
Know not why you stress much,
Dear mom,It’s time you consider yourself.

Worries you the calories
The vitamins and cholesterol levels
Home made,you insist;
The love you pack ,you forget to eat,
Know not why you stress much,
Dear mom,I can cook now.

Worries you my tears,
And my fallen hair.
Money you spend on me that you saved,
Never for once you spent for self,
Know not why you stress much
Dear mom,its time you buy yourself something you like.

Worries you the family cold
A gentle cough keeps you paced
Running from pole to post
For a remedy ,to make us feel better,
Know not why you stress much
Dear mom,Its time you take care of your health

Worries you my worries,
Of the exams and decisions of my life,
Crease I bring on your brow;
yet you smile and fill me with love,
Know not why you stress much,
Dear mom,I can take care of my worries and yours too.

Now that I think of how much she has sacrificed,her dreams,her smiles and her leisure consistently over the years,she makes me smile and wonder in utter amazement as to how she can be a supermom,a lady with high ethics and the hefty responsibility that she can so easily carry off and its not a Hobson’s choice but it’s totally hers.
Your sacrifices casts a shadow over my meager help,its the strong willed spirit that holds you up with that smile but mommy,its time that you pause,rest a while and I gift you a parachute aromatherapy oil to de-stress you with a gentle massage.I came across it on blogadda,would you agree to de-stress while I take the load off you for a few minutes so that I can sing and you listen now and be my stress-free mom for a while:)

“I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.”