When one of us gets married;)

We were late!!Yes we were late for our best friend’s wedding!We never intended to but you do know how time and circumstances snaps one’s plans ,don’t you?
I’m talking about a circle of friends who went to school together,dreamt of a lifetime friendship and then also a few bike rides and a silent promise of being there with each other!
I reckon 4 is my lucky number as school buddies-4,pu buddies-4,degree buddies-4.Enough of the detour,I’m blabbering but I’m that excited.

Archana+Aishwarya+Brunda+Chaitra=school best buddies(my gang)
Archana,she is the lovely bride cladded in her best,kajal applied to that delicate eyes,hair plaited in her traditional best and that sweetest smile with a low dimple gave her a perfect look and of-course her groom gave her cheeks the required blush too!She was waiting or so I pressume ,the bride in front of her groom would think about anything under the sun to be little but I know she awaited our presence.Thanks to Chaitra, who had been early enough to see the bride getting dressed ,tensed and her disapproval of her hair-stlyle,usual bride tantrums and enjoyed every bit of it,I envy you chai;)you look so fragile and soft but you are the biggest bully I have ever met;)

It was I and aishwarya,the remaining of the four who had a tuff time to reach the venue,it was as if we faced the odd times and had decided that we won’t make it to the most important event in our friends life,then sometimes time makes you wail and entreat it and decide as to how willing  you are to get the work done and at the last moment everything falls into place and we find ourselves serpentining through the never ending traffic and angry honks,chaithra had threatened us umpteen times that if couldn’t make it to the wedding then she would deny to attend any of our weddings,well that was pretty good threatening she did,it did work and for all the stars in the mid-morning skies ,I thanked for their approval.
Aishwarya was calm on the surface but then she was like a duck,it seems calm on the surfae of the water but underneath,the tensed flapping of its feet,waggling..well that was her state,I was like an excited child goign to see the fair for the first time,its hard for me to cover up my emotions,don’t blame me,it’s the genes that puts me into this!After all the humdrum we did make it to the venue just after five minutes of the wedloc!It must have been such an emotional and tantalizing vision where Archana,the bride must have shed some tears ,a heart ache of leaving the ones she had grown up with ,its a pretty huge sacrifice,it must have been the moment where Rajesh,the groom must have those trembling fingers taking the responsibility of that kind girl who had accepted him in her life, believed,loved  and trusted him,whoa it was a vision that I would have payed a million to witness but alas we had missed and chaithra was fuming but then composed a smile and led us to the traditional mantap where the other customs where taking plcae.Then our minds raced to capture the moments!!Selfie time:) we gleed and clicked a few selfies,few of the relatives there sized us up but then It was our closest friend who was geting married,one of us finally settling down,adding the last name,the transition of the Ms to Mrs!That was pretty big deal!And I missed one point,Rajesh,the groom is also our classmate and my friend is getting married to her childhood friend,cousin and her best support of her life and we knew she would happy and safe with him.
With the wedlock another member got added to our circle,welcome Rajesh jiju as you are important to archana ,you are warmly welcomed into our haven…A few more hugs,a few more pics and few more emotional moments kept the day going and it was like a beautiful dream come true afterll:)
Wishing both Archana and Rajesh a happy married life and don’t you forget us!!!We are stuck for a lifetime!


6 thoughts on “When one of us gets married;)

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    perfectly penned d most important moments…its just beautiful bru:) u 4got the mouth watering dinner nd d lunch treats:p:p

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful..missed my friends while I read this.. Thanks for the reminisce of lovely memories..!!

    Liked by 1 person

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