The Evening Breaks!

The evening colors curve my lips,the saffron heaven above had a message or so I thought,gently brushing my tresses I walk into my room enjoying the lonely solace,my big brown eyes had dreams ,humming a light melody I tip toe through my room,the water in the glass had ripples unknown to me!the fan above had started to rotate on its ow,now I registered.

Another moment,another step and another gasp was all it took to realize the screams outside,there was a thunderbolt,I was wrong!a thud on earth,was it a meteorite,I was wrong again,I knew it when the walls shoke,I had to save myself ,now that I’m alone in a second floored building and the fan yanked from the ceiling,there was an adrenaline rush,chair!!under a chair I thought,no chair was strong enough to hold off the ceiling from me,I skidded into the dark corner under my king sized bed,it was strong enough!I convinced Myself

There were screams outside,I lamely thought I heard someone called out my name!people were on the road outside and I was here on the cold floor all by myself hoping to stay alive,the glasses,my computer the books started toppling down from the cupboards,my closet fell with a thud!!I heard the ceiling crack.

I prayed fervently to stay alive and a chunk of the brick,cement and the mould cracked my bed and only a small space for me to sleep in a embryo position was all left for me,another chunk would kill me,I didn’t want to die such a terrific death!I sensed the end of my days nearing and I definitely didn’t want to be smashed under the block,blood spilling out,my body squashed was the last thing I ever wanted!!I waited,tears loaded,the lump in my throat worsened,the bruises on my limbs were painful,another chuck fell over ,I tightened my eyes,dug my fingernails into my palms and cried out loud!!

Was I dead??I opened my eyes again,no not yet,nothing had squashed me but I could feel the heavy boulder on me,it was a small boulder and I was alive but it gave me no space to breath,I couldn’t even turn my neck,the dust suffocated me,the pitch darkness made me forget that I had ever seen anything!The shaking had stopped but my vision blurred,I was dying,no oxygen!!I was suffocating,I couldn’t let out a sigh either!!

would anybody find me here??only time knew and I closed m eyes,I could no longer take it!!


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