My mom’s way:)

Things so many,instances sliding by through my memories and I’m in a dilemma of which one to choose and tell you how my dearest mom instilled values in me,made me the very person I am today,the thoughts that keep me awake,those of guilt at the slightest lie I would have told,those of happy dreams she created while narrating stories,those lessons that helped me to forgive people and just to remain the person I am making me feel perfect with all my flaws,She’s always told me to stay positive,the times I had the least hopes and jabbing pain of failure,her words were the pacifiers.So out of the many let me tell you the one she made me independent and instilled the seeds of Do-your-work-on-your-own.

So let us sit in the time machine and press ..umm how about 12 years back!!Swoosh

I’m in my classroom surrounded by my classmates neatly trimmed and combed are intently looking at the picture that Jesentha mam was pointing at,It was a chapter from biology,then it wasn’t divided into botany and zoology,a very primitive study from the text books,there We were supposed to draw plants with fibrous and tap root systems.It was a complex picture provided my drawing and sketching abilities,I gulped down the remaining water from the bottle and turned to my friends whose composure was calm and excited.

They weren’t artists,I knew their talent,we all had the same picture in mind for the drawing exams which was a very important in the curriculum,ok except for a three of m classmates who used to draw a picture that was not 2 mountains,a sun emerging amidst them ,then comes the river from the center of the sun,then came a thatched house and an wooden gate and lots and lots of trees,that went with three shades of greeen! And this belief of good drawing went on on for the rest of the drawing exams and I always managed a “B” which was good compared to the “C” I got in singing.So you can pretty much imagine my stance over drawing and I was astound at my classmates reaction of enthusiasm,When asked why and how they are going to draw the most complex sketch of a plant.with a smile proudly adoring their faces,they replied,each one individually!

“My mom or dad will do it for me,they do all my homeworks too!!” they replied

Oh you should have seen my face then,I was aghast to hear that,parents were supposed to do that tooo!!WEll my parents never did such a thing,all that my dad would do was to assign all my school works to mom,and my mom would sit for hours making us write and do the study stuff.My nose had started flaring,I felt betrayed,how can she not have done all these ,she was after all my mother,did she even love me?

That day I returned home,briskly opened my bag,pulled out the biology classwork and the textbook that consisted of the tap root and fibrous roots,then flipped through the pages till I found it and entered the kitchen, she was preparing a bread pizza for me.

“Mom,do this for me!”I tried to intimidate her

“Get out and remove your shoes!!” she gave me a glance that was enough to make me clean the shoe rack,let alone removing my shoes and placing it in!

“Mom,can you do this for me” this time my tone had a soft tint in it!

“Why?can’t you do it,you have both hands,ten fingers and its your work”She replied while buttering the bread base.

“But all my friend’s moms do it for them” I was choking by now,the thought of being defeated had hit my ego.

“well I’m YOUR mom and not their’s” she smiled and placed the sliced vegetables over the sauced bread base

By the time she finished her home-made bread pizza,I was defeated and I could talk no more,common I was young and literally frightened of her unimaginable ethics,I found her different but later I realized that I got better marks for a better sketch,I looked the the dropped faces of my classmates whose mothers came to school to feed them,washed their shoes,ironed their clothes and even completed their homework in short pampered them to the ultimate end.

A sense of victory and the confidence to complete things on my own introduced me into the world of independent life,I had a feeling that if I were to live anywhere on this world I could do all these on my own,I could look after myself,I could take care of myself!!!That feeling is the best and I feel blessed to have her as my mommy dear.
Happy mother’s day mom,not only for today but everyday,LOVE you LOADS:)