The Assignment Tales!!

The assignment looked tedious,with the submission deadline being the next day,I had assignment fever now!!procrastination,my constant friend always puts me in trouble.

What had happened?the assignment was due for a week but then there was a match,who wants to write cumbersome codes and literally alienating languages on a match day!!Gayle and Virat would be disappointed with me,they deserved to be watched and encouraged!!the assignment deserved to be shoved off under the bed.Day 1 was only watching the match pretty much not batting my eyelids,the food that I ate,never registered what it was,if you had kept a plate of paper and I wouldn’t have noticed,then on the same day before the match would commence,I had text messages from a friend who had ditched his girlfriend,hmmm the truth is he was ditched!boyss!they never take the blame,I knew, I was there!!After long hours of helping him with the long talks of other amazing ,stunning girls of our college he eventually forgot about his ex and was now concentrating on Anushka Sharma,Virat’s gf!!He had eyes on others gf’s !!guyss I say

After day1 of losing bhabiji,the second was accompanied by ruthless search for our new bhabhhiji for our devdas friend,he was still in an hangover from last nights devdas party,he had called up a few more devdas and they were bitching about their ex!!trust me you can’t handle them at that point,I was invited but my guts reminded me of the last time I ended up almost being thrown out of the house by my disciplined father for returning home drunk!I needed that roof afterall and my mom prepares the best of the mouth watering dishes,losing this for a cold nasty beverage!!Nope..So day 2 we ended up taking him to a movie which was blunder as the main lead ditches the hero !! and my friend ran out screaming not waiting for the sequel where they both meet and marry after they die!!puff…he would have killed her and himself to unite after death!!craaazyy

The day 3 was even more crazier with my distant aunt visiting us,she gained pleasure by making me get all of her beauty products,once I went to by her fair and lovely cream which she believed was the wrong one that I had brought,how many brands are named fair and lovely!!She was fair but not lovely!!Then she asked me to order a chicken kebab from KFC with low calories!!did she even know what low calorie was.?..still I had to bow down the queen and buy her the extra crispy “KEBAB” from “KFC”!!Hence on day 3,I was at her service.

Day 4 was again an holiday,I had forgotten why,Oh right it was leave for a festival and because I was tall, the dust on the fan,cob-webs webs on the ceiling and the over-head water tank was eagerly waiting for my arrival to clean them off!!Today I had a date with dust,should dress in the old ragged clothes and mask!!I was tired by then,whew!!The ladies were still going on!dusting,wiping and still happy about cleaning!!Dusting was supposed to be recreational activity for me!!!according to them,a break from studies!

Day 5 came as complete shock,my heart wailed the betrayal!!the devdas friend had found himself a girl and it was none other than my crush!!!!WHy god WHy??Why me…So that day,I pacified myself with Katrina kaif’s movies!!and the assignment was long forgotten!!

Day 6 today!!I couldn’t comprehend what I was writing!The words started dancing,I scribbled my name over and over again!!I felt I would fail,I felt all this was absurd..why should I study this!I couldn’t actually come in terms with anything happening around!..So Day 6 is about sleepless nights,and immeasurable amounts of coffee!!Care to join me?


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