A slice of their life:story of the trip-part 2

“How long are we supposed to travel?” I asked my busy uncle who was distributing the coconut biscuits to everyone in the bus, it was funny to see how he dangled along with the bus balancing the cover of biscuits and getting away from the carelessly thrown luggage on the way along with the intervention of naughtiest kids in the world.

He somehow made it till the end and I repeated my question, he pondered pensively and suggested it might take a complete four hour drive!!I pitied the driver’s butt,poor thing!

So long hours traveling triggered the older ones to slumber ,the married ladies to long talks and the kids to their own party land, I looked out of the window.. the moving trees,the tar road devoid of any imperfections seemed quite smooth with the speed of the bus,the only problem faced when seated in the window seat is that your head keeps budging into the metal bars, the driver seemed too eager to wrap up the four hours of travel. I craned my neck to see what my grandpa’s were doing, as expected my grandpa was heading to every word of his older broter,curious to know their bond,I turned to their children,Thejesh and Jagadish,my uncle’s….I relived a slice of their life through their story unfolded in a dramatic manner..

So here’s the bro story!A slice of their life

Gangappa (my granpa’s older brother):Eshwar(my grandpa)

At the age of six Eshwar along with his six siblings lost his Dad,Mr Vujanappa in an accident and they were the heir of the quite a huge property covering two roads of houses that was for rent!!
Their mother, with the loss of her husband cared little about her health and the kids , her health started deteriorating ,she was then cheated of her wealth making her lose everything except the house she lived in and later after two years of untold difficulties knocking at their doorstep she perished ..

Hence Eshwar lost his mother at a tender age of eight, being an orphan was a bane in the kids life but thanks to Gangappa who was four years older to Eshwar decided to earn, but he was a road rogue too who often got himself in fights and also performed kusti in front of the Maharaja,he still is proud of htat moment,after that he was unstoppable while Eshwar was a more kinder one,he wanted to study and found ways to make peace in the locality,he believed that the harsh ways was never going to work and concentrated on the good deeds,while the irony is gangappa’s rogue behavior protected Eshwars social work, If by any chance anybody thought of hurting him they were warned about whose brother he was, they lived a life of uncertainty and many experiences that moulded them to be the best buddies till the present age.

Many families thank them today for their help in bringing up and protecting their families!

Many more to come!!


2 thoughts on “A slice of their life:story of the trip-part 2

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    waiting for the many more:):) many i knew abt ur mom nd dad nd very little abt ua grandpa..waiting 2 learn things 4m dat great man:):)

    Liked by 1 person

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