Humming the share!

It was Sunday,a day for himself, leisurely laying in bed he opened his eyes, she was already awake and was putting on her earrings.

“She’s just perfect” he thought with a wide grin adorning his sun-basked face

It had been over two years since she had come to his life, pretty and a soft girl, just the way he had imagined his life partner to be, she never fought with his mother though there was a tiff between the couple, but he never hesitated to apologize after the dust had receded.

Today was her birthday and he had planned a week before for her surprise celebration.

“She would love it” he mused.

“Ahalya,get ready by 9:30 we are going out” he scornfully ordered her, a part of the plan, disappoint her and then see the happiness in her eyes unfolding twice as he had planned

“Now??no Shashi,I have work!” she was back to cleaning the speck of dust and the tables corner and bent enough to check for more!

“hey..please!!Its Sunday after all” he decided to plea ,PLAN A went down the drain ,she was adamant in her decisions !So plan B was left, ask her out with love.

She knew him well enough to gauge his plan and made up her mind to play along!

“yeah will try,by that time help me with the groceries” she smiled

“MY son,early in the morning!!You haven’t even served him coffee and you want him to do your chores” the mother-in –law shouted from the entrance of their room

As always Shashi never interfered in the women triffles!He just left her and went for his morning walk. It was afterall a women’s duty to look after the household chores

It was 7:30 already and she was done with only dusting of the room, she stormed out to dust off the cob-webs from the rest of the corners of the two-storied house, then came in the sweeping and mopping of the floor, she glanced a the wall clock, it showed half past eight, only an hour to go ,she was both excited and happy for their outing!!This was going to be a lovely day, the very thought reduced her exhaustion, Soon enough she walked into the kitchen and within an hour finished cooking breakfast as well as the lunch for her mother-in-law to eat in their absence.

Shashi had returned half an before and since then had been pestering her to finish off her work and get ready,by ten she had groomed herself in a peacock blue saree and her hair let down ready to live her beautiful day.
“My friends are arriving for lunch today, prepare desserts and an edible main-course” the mother-in-law intervened their plan

“But mom,we are going out now” Shashi fumed

“go !!you young people go! but before that let her prepare parathas and keep it in the hotbox ,jamun also would not be bad” she pinched her son’s cheeks and went into her room,he glared at Ahalya while she cooked and cooked, cooked and cleaned, By the time she was ready !It was way after lunch time, preparing parathas for 10 people was no joke!!
“Now are you happy,can’t you decline the cooking when mom says so,I don’t know why I keep hopes on you” Shashi growled and went to change into his casuals!The plan was ultimately cancelled, he even decided not to wish her.
Heartbroken she sat on the bed and hummed a song, assuming Shashi to be in the backyard while he was sitting in juxtaposition to the window of her room, he heard her humm and closed his eyes to soothe his mood with her voice.

Would it not be fair and more happier
If you could just lend me some hand,
Sing with me while I washed and you wiped
Things could be lot more better ,believe me!!

Would it not be more luxurious
The time that you spend with me
Less the time on chores and more with you
Things could be lovely,trust me…

Would it not be more smiles
When I dance and you sing
Better than when you sing alone and I slog in the kitchen
Things could be ours,believe me

Would it not make you less tensed
When I massage your hairs but all I do
Is whack the life out of clothes
Things could be like before,trust me

So why don’t you come and help me out here






Then we will go an a date,just like before
Waiting are the candle-lit dinners just for us
SO would you promise me your share of work
And I promise you a better life…

Humming she dozed of into a deep sleep, he pensively approached her ,after listening to her song did he realize her part in his life! and more importantly his presence in her life.

If only he could share her load and lead a better life like she wanted, he longed for the same.

“I’m sorry Ahalya,I have lost many precious moments with you!From now on,I’ll try to make every day special with you, I’ll wash the clothes! i’ll cut the vegetables, I’ll dust the windows..just stay by my side so that we work with smiles, having our own time amidst all this” he whispered and stood up to leave the room
“That was the best birthday gift ever!” she smiled and sat upright
He turned and smiled for a long time 

“I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.”


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    Nice Bru!! Good thought!

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