While the time ticks..

My eyes drooped down as the exhaustion that my work brought made me look sick,If only I could get a holiday,somewhere on the beach,on the shore side,sitting  and enjoying the rumblings of the tides ,understanding each wave and its purpose while it reached my feet as if calling out to me!My mood turned pensive when I contemplated on my purpose of existence!!The invicible hands of time had passed off in a jiffy,the work incomplete,the presure of the deadline cutting my breath,in the cut-throat competition of the world,I felt that I was in a place where I didnt belong,the maniac shifts was insane,the tea breaks were painful and the canteen food reminded me of the tasteless dishes that I had once tasted when I had ventured into cooking.

If only I could stand up against my destiny,if only I could swipe my table off the out-numbered paper works and if only If i could get back in time ,rewind back to my choices,If only if I could have chosen what I really wanted!right

“beep beep” there was a message on my cellphone instantly zapping me off my dream world and my inner turmoil

The book I had ordered online was delivered to my place,the clock smiled half past five and I smiled back,it was the time when everybody looks up to the clock and smiles at it!!Time to wrap things for the day and get back home ,to our loved ones,I had missed the’ Thought For the Day’ quote on the little colorful notice board,that decorative art was made by Aarti,she should have been an artist!alas she’s here jammed up with a job to earn her daily bread,like me!!

This particular thought caught my attention far more than any other quote did!

“Life begins ouside your comfort zone” was written in a calligraphic style.

It hit me hard and wilt at the sour truth!!Yes indeed I had stopped myself to follow my dreams to stay secure, safe from the life hazards,people had convinced me that a job would make my life better,more than that it was me who had convinced myself of a better future!

Now people respected me for having gained a job at the best company,my collegues adored my work and I cursed my stars,this is not how it was supposed to be!I should be happy for myself,I found the fancy rack that john had carved,such intricate work needed skillful hands!!now again he was here,listenin to the taunts of the boss!!This is not where he belongs!!

“This is not where you belong sandhya!!you have magic in your hands” Gargi held my hands supporting me,I was exhausted and that was clearly being portrayed in my posture of standing.

“You should be a chef, you cook the amazing dishes,sirrup yummy ones!!” arav joined in,my friends at office had a point,I had fallen into the catogary of she-doesnt-belong-here to the other collegues,I smiled wryly and reached for my cab!!

All along thinking of what I needed to do next,I couldn’t live a life that’s not for me!I stopped at the grocery store and brought myself a  box of cocoa powder,few eggs,baking powder,I had maida and the icing sugar,I decided to walk home from there,I payed for the cab and with a smile headed home,the only place that warmly welcomed me!

“you know after a day’s work and when the day is really really bad and you are drowsy with exhaustion ,the only thing that makes you smile is the confidence and beauty that if you mix the eggs,the maida ,the baking powder and the cocoa powder!!you would bake a delicious cake..no matter how hard,freaking bad and uncertain the day is,you would be certain of one thaing,that you would enjoy the cake you baked”

I spoke to myself aloud,aren’t we able to achieve anything tha we want at any age?all that I needed was a bit of courage and a brave heart to face the odds!!

I decided to make a new career,that was for me!!I signed the resignation letter the next day!!

Would I achieve my dreams??lets wait and watch,whil


6 thoughts on “While the time ticks..

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    NYC THOUGHT:):) its true dat d work v luv never pressurises us!!

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  2. kokilagupta says:

    Nice post and a sweet blog layout 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ksmzeus says:

    wow!!! very well written mate!! beautiful portray of emotions! loved reading it!!

    Liked by 1 person

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