Abstract was another day!!

Flying high,the happy graduate caps,
The robes adorned with pride,
Saved were the memories with clicks and selfies;
Abstract was another day at college after today!

The class-rooms resounded
Of laughs,giggles and lessons
Bunks so many,while we stayed
Abstract was another bunk to the class after today!!

The trees,the platforms,lawn
Places where we chatted along,
Fights,reconciles and birthdays reminiscence;
Abstract was another day with all these after today.

Aroma intoxicated the senses,
That of various dishes devoured,
The canteen would miss our long presence;
Abstract was another meal after today..

Whizzed was the days,
Graduates were, no more;
Bidding adieu to our friends,so close
Abstract was another get-together


At that college as its students…!!

Brunda Rajesh


2 thoughts on “Abstract was another day!!

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    simply beautifully penned:):)

    Liked by 1 person

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