Friends-a fiction

Growing up as daddy’s only daughter, Sanvi was  a pampered child except that no she no longer reamined the kid with sweet dimples holding candies,best barbies and a cute hair-do anymore.She was in college,the seventeen year old was just as excited as any other collegiate would,but the thing that she failed to realize was that,she was now in another city,away from home where her father’s influential political charms worked less.In that college everyone was a born with a silver spoon and everyone were at their arrogant best and an irritating attitude!

On the first day ,she sat alone at the third row,the other students were from the same locality and had their on groups and their own fun,the guys were at their worst behavior.

She took out her new I-phone that she had got as a present hoping to make friends with glitter,a wrong notion that she believed all through her school and technically it had worked out but she had no true friends ,she was very well aware of it.Today as she took her sparkling new gadget,she was baffled at everyone who had it,infact had better ones with better options and features,her gucci bag looked paler in front of the capresse there,there were a few more cabas collection too.

“hey aren’t you new here?” a timid girl chose to sit beside her

“yeah!!So??” she soared high with pride,people were starting to talk to her,on their own just like the old days,she looked at her with pride riding and taking out her new skull headphones

“you are just the same!!like everybody else,sorry I judged you to be different and better”

The timid girl had a sad smile and stood to get back to her lonely seat in the front row,a few paper rockets flew by and hit her,all the guys had her targeted for their pranks

Sanvi was awestruck at the girls attitude,she studied her closely now,the girl was like from her old friends from her past schools,she wore a normal dress,nothing special about it yet was well groomed,her bag was fancy but not branded,her cellphone was good but low standards ,there was nothing elegant or luxurious about her except for her innocent face.

Sanvi watched the girl who held her heads high even when all the guys and girls picked on her,she managed to stay strong,her warm smile never faded!

“what happened gowri??didnt find any friend now too??we are your friends for a lifetime” a posh looking girl whom everybody worshiped,she was the daughter of a movie star!and with her looks ,her words were their duty!!The whole class had joined her and started throwing stationary at  gowri now,still she never sobbed nor screamed with pain,she endured.

Sanvi was amazed at gowri’s attitude,she also realized at that moment, what an ass she was in her school acting exactly like Andy,she wanted to go stop that arrogant girl and save gowri from their tricks and taunts.

“But what if everybody treats me the same?” a thought that passed her mind  froze her to her seat while gowri’s eyes looked at her way for help for a few minutes and turned away in disgust.

“No gowri,I’m not that bad,I was..but not now,I will prove it” sanvi lay her head on the bench and wiped her tears while the chaos in the class continued….


Abstract was another day!!

Flying high,the happy graduate caps,
The robes adorned with pride,
Saved were the memories with clicks and selfies;
Abstract was another day at college after today!

The class-rooms resounded
Of laughs,giggles and lessons
Bunks so many,while we stayed
Abstract was another bunk to the class after today!!

The trees,the platforms,lawn
Places where we chatted along,
Fights,reconciles and birthdays reminiscence;
Abstract was another day with all these after today.

Aroma intoxicated the senses,
That of various dishes devoured,
The canteen would miss our long presence;
Abstract was another meal after today..

Whizzed was the days,
Graduates were, no more;
Bidding adieu to our friends,so close
Abstract was another get-together


At that college as its students…!!

Brunda Rajesh