Story from the trip-part 1

Who doesn’t love family outing and when the family consists of 20 different individuals grouped into nuclear families and then resonating at the same frequency decides to meet up and travel and have a great time together,I assure of unlimited laughs,quirky quotes and witty statements.

This is my family,concerning only my maternal relatives!!This is an outing that I absolutely love to cherish,more than visiting places ,and random visualizations of the nature’s miraculous existence,It is the emotion and that family togetherness that makes us feel absolutely free and secure and still have funnn.

One may ask “how to enjoy with people of such large age difference!!?”

I laugh at the questions,Oh i feel as if I’m with my college mates,we hang out in random places,that makes us feel home like,here there are two uncles of mine,my mom’s brothers,more like a fatherly figure ,both of them..But once we set out to enjoy its totally a different world we create and this time because my brother had exams and my cousins had CA tuitions,they missed it and I missed them,it was all made up by my uncles and the chotu cousins!!please don’t ask about them,they are dance masters!!If only I could make those moves,what a precision and what kind of enjoyment,just letting the inner bird free.I looked at them and I felt the urge to join them ,soon enough the whole family was tapping ans dancing to the tunes in their own unique way!!

I thought of writing about the stories that I heard!!I’ll let you know In series but for now it’s the calmness of one particular temple that made me go breathless and that amazing feeling of being yourself in a group of twenty was one of the challenging jobs,people judge,my friend!!But it was flown away,it didn’t matter!!When I looked at my Thejesh uncle ,an epitome of positive energy and patience,I learnt that when life throws us challenge or tuff situations,we need to change or perspective a,accept the challenge and defeat it by accepting the results and braving up a smile and that humorous side of us,it should weigh more.

Now for the story from the trip


god worshipped:Bala Ganesha

When we are on a constant movement,urging to cover many places on a  single day,we youngsters are supposed to wake up early along with the responsible ones,bath in the cold water at 5:30 in the morning,gobble up the instant breakfast and strap ourselves in the seat that we would have chosen for ourselves and go back to cozy sleep back in the bus,but!!thanks to the bumpy roads and the excited driver,we reached idagunji at about 9 in the morning.

There was a mile walk from where the bus stopped and to the temple,I chose to walk with my mom and mamatha athe(thejesh’s wife),they are a good company speaking of how fast we got ourselves ready,tending to my cousins!!There we were attacked,Literally attacked by the flower vendors,the ladies just jumped on us bringing the grass(garike hullu) that is supposed to be ganesha’s favourite or auspicious!!After their logical attempts of strapping the visitors,my mom bought a few flowers and the sacred grass.

The gate was closed,no actually jammed and it wouldn’t move a inch,I jumped over it and my relatives found another way around.

It was a magnificent temple and thank god I found sparrows,many of them flying happily unaware of their extinct levels,thanks to temples for protecting them!Then after the pooja I was curious to know about the story

I approached a thin looking,brahmin who was distributing the prasadam!!Wen I asked about the kshetra mahime or the importance of this sacred place and its story.this was the story he thus narrated.

The temple is built in dravidian style and dates back to 4th and 5th CE

Long Long ago before kali uga could begin and time dating back to dwapar yuga,there was a sage named Valakhilya who performed his prayers with utmost devotion to the gods to grant his wish of a safer world on the advent of the kali yuga,he was disappointment ,that was when he met narada muni who advised him to bring bala ganesha,who had both the ivory tooth on his face and just two hands,bala here refers to lord ganesh in his childhood,normally the ganesha diety is found to have a broken ivory.

And hence when bala ganesha is made to stay in this place of Idagunji ,his wishes would be granted.This was when the sage brought ganesha from kailasa and made him to be the patron diety.As lord ganesha was in his childhood,he is believed to be very naughty and had demanded the sage to offer him the modaks and panch kajjaya,if any single day his offering was missed ,he had woed to leave the place which would impact the world of more trouble and destruction

Hence to this day,the modaks and pancha-kajjaya are offered to him!There is also a belief that  a person who visits this place will re-visit this place every year if is falls in the category f the 75% of visitors who do that.Also you can wikipedia the place here,though that has a different version of teh story that was narrated to me

If you get a chance do visit when you plan for a south Indian tour,the buttermilk you get here is teh best,I’m a crd hater and loved the butter milk here,hence you should believe me on that!!

See you again with more stories that binds relations and knowledge of history and knowledge too.



One thought on “Story from the trip-part 1

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    i have been 2 dis place a lot many times bt dint noe d complete history of it:):) ty 4 an informative post:):) waiting 4 more!!


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