The Ad Date!!

The dimly lit bright lights enclosed in fancy bulb enclosures,the eye-catching graffities ,the aroma of brewing coffee with a romantic music played at the background that had a mind-calming tempo was giving the environment a romantic date touch. But alas,the awkward silence was louder between the two.

“So lets talk about teeth” she gently smiled

“WHAT???” There was a long stare of disbelief and an attempt to rewind the words she just spoke to confirm the authenticity,the sarcasm chuckle was hard to hide. He was baffled at her choice of topic,the girl in front of him was attractive but for god’s sake ,she was speaking absurd.Both were introverts in the socialite gang that had urged their circle of friends in meeting these two.They were absolute introverts to strangers.The awkwardness still lingered in the air while he suppressed his disappointment but still chose to speak to her and give another chance.

“Isn’t there any as in any other topic we could talk about”his words were layered with sarcasm.

She flushed crimson red with embarrassment,but she couldn’t help the topic,both of them were sitting in the hangout for 15 long minutes without uttering a sentence except for a customary hi and an awkward smile. He had probed her to start a topic to talk,that seemed so forceful yet she had given a try!!He wanted to end the eerie silence and now he seemed to prefer the exciting silence.

“Actually I came across this ad” she leaned on the table for two and showed an advertisement on her FB page.

“What the hell is this??” he chuckled. t2for2

“listen to this,the tongues are wearing anti-glare glasses to get protection against the bright shining tooth..imagine how white your teeth would turn white enough for me to wear this!!”she giggled on. He stealthily turned to a mirror finished painting and pretended to laugh with his teeth wide visible.

Is my teeth not white enough?they look quite healthy and normal white  he smiled at her again after he was confirmed of his good looking tooth.

“woohoo,got another one!!!”she closed her eyes and laughed inside

“This one’s heights man,check it out”She thrust her smart phone under his nose..t8“HAHAHHA why don’t they close their mouths while sleeping,Now i need an anti-glare specs..”He held his guts

“Also madam,give me a chance to make you laugh”he quickly browsed his the net and came up with another funky ad

“How about this?”

“This one’s epic,OMG this has always been on my mind!!hilarious,stop showing that to me!!Ads I say!!” she gestured him to keep his phone away.for1“Hey,do you want a pan parag,it increases your status,considering the Ad” he gave an enthusiastic smile,provoking her.

“Oh yes it increases my status to that of an uncivil illiterate spitting red around” she mockingly banged her fist on the table and soon was browsing for more!!

“what about this,this one beats yours!!”

“This is same,but trust me creative enough,good thought!!” she pondered


“This one’s fabulous,take a look!!”kya“Oh that one ….aapke toothpaste mai namak hai??That is a crazy ad,reporters starts coming out of refrigerators and posters.

“Want to do something crazy??”her eyes shone with mischief

He held his breath for a moment Exactly what crazy thing are you about to do.. She got up and stepped back a few meters and with a rough yet confident speed ,walked with head held high and keeping her phone as a mike ,she came upto him and asked aloud “Nimma toothpaste alli uppu ideye??’she giggled and again repeated the sentence in hindi!

“hey what’s with you?Sit down,stop it,we are getting stares from everywhere!” He was finding it hard to control his laughs yet the introvert in him escaped the stares but observed that even they were enjoying the show.

“hey common take a look at this,you’ll literally ROFL”

“Oh rolling over floor laughing..”she mused”I’d love to to do that literally”she soon sat closer to him now.

He showed her few trolls and soon the two awkward people were having so much funn together ,thanks to the weird advertisements that can open up a conversation.kudos to weird ads and weird dates with weird topics to speak ab



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