Pursuit of happiness,

Happiest people are those that make the best of a situation. They express gratitude for what they have. They live in the here-and-now. They are warm, cheerful and have a great sense of humour, enabling them to laugh at themselves. They know that happiness comes from inside oneself.
It is a state of being, an art.

And it is something we owe ourselves. We all deserve to be happy!
So here’s a fiction of realizing it:)

“What do you enjoy the most?” She asked carefully pulling her chair near him.
He was engrossed in the pile of sheets and innumerable phone calls, busy as he was, he never registered her question which was the fifth time she was talking about.
She smiled and observed him a bit more, like every other day..
He was tensed, the creases on his fore-head looked more denser that made him look few years older than he actually was ,his hairs were combed neatly with a side crop and a line of grey hairs made him look a genius right from the embryo stage, his spectacles accented his geeky look and there was a smile hidden and forgotten with the load of work he committed himself to.
“you weren’t like this dhiren!!I need to get you out of this” she pondered on, she had seen him through his happiness and sickness, she, his wife and more than that a good friend but somewhere along the road he forgot about the friend and his quest for happiness in money grew.
They lived in huge apartment with all the facilities yet he never noticed those fine arranged flowers on the vase, never did he notice the new painting hanging on the wall nor the new delicious dishes she prepared, everything seemed the same, commitment to work had him in a phase of non-human and a completely robotic monotonous worry filed life.
She never complained of his disinterest rather she pitied his plight, the man was blind and she loved him! She decided to bring him back to life, not as easy as she decided it to be.
One fateful day, the car broke in the middle of the deserted road, they were on their way to a family meeting ,his frustration had crossed its limit, he had work to complete ,he had a deadline to reach..
“fix the car up!!you!!can’t you make sure the car is in the right condition?” he screamed at the driver, today his bottled up emotions were thrown out as anger and abuse.
“Why are you doing this ,it’s ok!!” she held his hands
“It’s OK??I’m doing this for us to be happy!!” he screamed at her,the one person he loved
“But we aren’t happy now ,today!!just because you would get that deal done doesn’t make me happy, forget me!does that make you happy??” she softly confronted
“YESSS It does make me happy!!” he studied the ground hastily confused with his own answer.
“Then how come I don’t see you smile, how come I don’t see you sleep soundly” she held the door of the car and stood outside .
“you don’t notice me!!” he squeeked, he knew he was on a different page but it was hard for him to convince himself!!She smiled like everytime, her eyes confident of the righteous honest things she believed in.
The clouds grew denser and grey!! The wind howled, the trees swayed fervently and he stood there looking at the woman he loved, it was a while since HE had noticed her.
She had a wrinkled skin but the warm smile and the glitter in her eyes remained ,she held his hands and made him feel the rain-drops!!money had got him a BMW ,a golden handled umbrella but the petrichor and her drenched face gave him the happiness that he had searched all along, a poverty ridden family were on the roads, playing with their kids, washing away the dirt and happiness eluded.
Nature brought him closer to his happiness,he held his love and walked ,that day they spoke,laughed and shared all their thoughts,the broken car was deserted on the deserted road,they were already miles away at a small tea shop sipping hot coffee…!!The Barista and CCd’s naver gave this to him.
He realized that day,happiness was never about gaining but about finding in the most irrelevant things around him, the small happiness that he experienced gave him a new hope, a new meaning and a sense of gratitude towards nature coz in the middle of the nature’s plan he seemed insignificant, the fruits eaten directly from the trees, those moments with his wife,those tiny droplets that neared him to everything he ever wanted.HE decided to keep all of them ….
Deserting his worries along with the deserted car on the deserted road…..feeling light and happy with his wife who bears a sweet smile traveling back to his house which she turned it into a home:)This is where Mr and Mrs Dhiren Verma lives a contended and a happy life.ivy

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2 thoughts on “Pursuit of happiness,

  1. Alok Singhal says:

    Such a Happy story. I also feel these days to find happiness in small things though I have improved a lot over the years…it’s more of a realization that one needs to have of where he is heading in life.

    Have a Happy Day!

    Liked by 1 person

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