The Nightmare!

The slow-paced painful rotations of the old creaky fan, the cob-webs hanging strongly at the corners, over the paintings, and hanging from the headrest of the huge bed and the chilly evening breeze gave me a near-death shiver of fear. The twilight twinkled with a known wicked smile hiding the cold destiny of my life. The wind passed through me ,goose-bumps instantly aware of the nearing danger. I ran in the dim lit space, running in the same enclosed space, banging the door, locked it was from outside.

Who would do that??

My tears were too frightened to show themselves out, the adreline rush kept me fast-paced, tripping over, the dust blew to my face and I closed my eyes and that was when I stumbled upon something that was soft, that was flesh ,that was breathing!!!!!

I Knew I was falling, I knew something moved under my feet. But I never reached the ground, I was falling ..falling and still falling into an abyss, the bottomless pit never seem to have an end and so did my fear.
I screamed at the top of my voice!!!

And I could feel the ground ,the cold marble floor pricked me, I was suffocating with no air to breathe ,with a numb movement of my limbs, I looked around to know my plight.

The fan was clean and at a normal speed ,just the way I had left it, the room corners were pristinely clean ,with my organized cleanliness attitude, they had to and I slept on a single bed, the bedspread perfectly tucked in, but now I wasn’t on my cozy bed but on the cold floor.

“That same Nightmare!!!Again” I wiped my cold sweat and tried to steady myself, my fingers were still shivering.
This was a daily dose of a night treatment for me, from my childhood days. I never knew why this was and why me but every time I woke up on the floor ,I knew that I had no other choice to end it hence a cup of cold freezing coffee was waiting for me at the table ,like every night!!!

I stumbled on and reached it, A sip and I liked it!!I had a thing for cold from forever!!I loved Icecreams,I loved cold dishes and freezing water too but It never made sense as to why I was this way, different and frightened ,was this just about me or something else……

I never knew and I never intend to know

My past..My dreams or was it a forgotten memory buried deep in my soul …


11 thoughts on “The Nightmare!

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    wonderful description!!! i too feel d same sumtimes:p

    Liked by 1 person

  2. An icy little tale, with spooky undercurrents. Good one Brunda.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pulkit Verma says:

    Hey Brunda
    Wow is the word for Such a colorful piece of description. Great. I wonder if you’d like to write fiction with me?

    Liked by 1 person

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