A letter to myself and all the girls with a sad smilie!!

Dearest me,

Those eyes of fear ,that defeated look and the shivering fingers!!I’m not able to see the real you concealed beneath the shattering cocoon. I know how exactly you are feeling right now, gloomy ,shady and grey but try to understand, not all is in your hands, the fate plays a role, sometimes it guides you, sometimes it stumbles and becomes a hurdle in your path not because it loves to see you hurt and bleeding but rather loves our confidence, that look in your eyes, the smile of rising up again and jumping those mountain high hurdles…yes in a way fate is totally obsessed with the  way you take things, the way you flip your coins and brave up a smile and face the freaky fate’s play.

You are a mere human dear, you are no super-woman, you smile, you cry and you sulk and everything is perfectly fine ,coz being yourself is the best and most beautiful part of you, so fear not and move on. I’ll be watching you over. It’s fine if you don’t wake up early, It’s fine if you fail yourself in a writing challenge, it’s ok if you can’t finish off the to-do list, it’s fine if you don’t get past the difficult times.
Coz somewhere you are forgetting to unwind yourself, to free yourself from the reigns that pulls you and tether you onto a stone, I mean a boulder!! BUT the reigns originated in your mind, your thoughts, you can free yourself with a small curve, your smile. No matter what anybody can steal from you but answer me this.

“Can they steal your smile from your face ?Can they steal your destiny? Can they steal your writing and expressive thoughts?”

Are you pondering too much over it??give no second thoughts ,smile coz NO!! the answer is big no…It is your choice to smile and fade the problem away rather than twining the thread of unhappiness and entangle yourself in the endless worries, trust me you look older with those creases on your forehead and please you won’t be a treat to watch!!!

Smile ,that’s an universal language and haven’t you heard of the saying!!

“A smile is a curve that sets things straight”

It is true!!Do you want to try??Now common don’t be such a grumpy girl!!Feel your jaw muscles while you smile, don’t you feel relaxed, now go for an expressive raise of eyebrow along with that adorable smile…yeah that’s right….perfect!!!!

How have you always dreamt of yourself to be??Always smiling beaming with optimism ,facing that difficult times with a armour of confidence, head held high and a tinge of humour sparkling in your eyes…:)There you go, that’s the spirit girl ….So promise me that you would maintain that face of yours, I will frame it in my memory!!!Remember me when you are at your solid low!!!I can make you smile again



5 thoughts on “A letter to myself and all the girls with a sad smilie!!

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    well said:):) It also says the winner looses the thrill of victory wen d loser smiles:):) its dat SMILE which is most powerful..nd wen u hav 1,dont loose it over petty things!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ajayvyas says:

    that so so amzing dear u each and every word reached my heart …….smile suits u the most ….keep smiling and god bless u ….. wish to know more abt u dear ……

    Liked by 1 person

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