The Youngest Smile:)

Making people feel special and to create a smile on their face is a an art,an art that people around me has a degree in that makes me marvel them most of the times.So here is one such special smile that a friend brought me ,years ago,the youngest smile.

It was a chilly november morning and the chills reached me early to wish me on a special day:) I’m the birthday girl after-all and this was my day,a day of my realm,I could point my finger to things and get it ,I could be a scallywag and still people would love me and let it go.And yes thank god I had school,we all love school only on birthdays ,don’t we,chocolates,presents and wishes,home work submission was an exception ,so all in all my day,my rules:)

It was 8:30 in the morning and I had groomed myself and slipped into the gorgeous dress my dad had bought  me!!everything was going perfect,my favorite dishes were cooked and had it tasted by the expert,ME:)until then nobody was even allowed to go near the dishes.As it had turned out to be a wonderful beginning,I got ready for the the best part of the day!!!presents:)

“aha gift time” I gleed and stood at the doorway,my mom quickly dressed me right,signed my diary and forcefully pushed a morsel of breakfast into my already filled mouth!!mother’s you know!!!But that was it,they bid me goodbye and dropped me to the van stop.

I felt betrayed!!it was my birthday!!they were breaking rules!!I was made sad on this special day!I had enough of the previous day,it was such a  dreadful evening at school,I had fought with my closest friend Aishwarya and today was my birthday!!Damn I should have just kept mouth shut and enjoy this day!!but noo,our teen brains never do listen to us ,do they? Again I realized that I wouldn’t have that a great day at school,no matter how well people behave,wish and hug me,without that girl everything will look pale! My train of thoughts was interrupted by the honking of my school van

I would face her now,oh how will I even face her,ok smile!!I ordered my mind and soon enough hopped onto the growling van,people I knew ,people who were acquaintances  wished me with all their hearts and hugs:) Soon I saw aish advancing towards me,a bit embarrassed but a smile lit her up,she soon thrust a  paper into my hands,it was a hand made greeting,it was crisp and  not too decorative, it symbolized her,simple yet attractive .That day blue,green and red colors became dearer to me.I meekly smiled and followed her,the van was a wobble machine and given my clumsiness I would have easily fallen out through the window hence I grabbed anything that caught my hands and moved until I was seated next to her and opened the envelope,It was of a cute hand written pour of emotions and wishes.I loved it!if money could buy anything that glitter,it wouldn’t have bought the glitter in my eyes that day,That gesture of her’s embedded like an imprint in my mind,even though we had fought  and silenced each other,she had taken out the time,left behind her ego,sensed out friendship and gifted me the most precious thing in the world,pure love and friendship!!aish

Four years later,our winds had taken a different direction and we were going to sail in our own ways,leaving the school days behind and for the remembrance of each other,our circle of friends ,six of us had decided to buy a gift each and the chits would be thrown and whoever gets the chit with that specific name would gift that person the gift they had purchased.The wind blew,the tar underneath us was cold,autumn was wishing a final adieu,we all had gifts in our hands,I could see a plethora of presents and an empty hand,it was aish’s,it was quite intriguing.As the chits flew up in the air,fingers crossed I prayed for a name,her name…and like the wind had heard me ,a chit came my way and with  a biggest grin that I could manage I presented a cased pen to her,aishwarya!she hugged me and opened her bag and gave a booklet that she had made,with twenty pages of motivating and inspiring quotes imprinted on the sweetest booklet.I still have it and value it as a priceless possession.

I was over-whelmed with her present and and as if the gods of wind had decided,she had a chit with my name inscribed in caps,later she revealed that she had prayed for my name.I thanked the gods:)She was special and like me and everybody else,she could have gone to a random gift shop ,with money could have selected a gift but she had listened to her heart,dil ki bath was paramount,she wanted to make me smile in her own special way unlike others and yes she succeeded in her quest and made a special place in my heart.Thanks aish:)

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4 thoughts on “The Youngest Smile:)

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    heyy!! dis literally brought tears in my eyes!!! bru u rock…i was just transformed into dat little school girl wen i was gng through dis writing…ty 4 such a beautiful remainder of our most beautiful school days….ty..luvd it:):)….ur always 1 of d best i ever had..nd u wil b 4ever….ty sooooo much:):) atb buddy:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AISHWARYA DC says:

    thanx 4?????


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