My daughter,My friend:)

Today my daughter casually came up with a question for me, something was disturbing her,I could sense her tense eyebrows and quivery lips. I coaxed her to ask further.

“Mom??have I ever made you feel special?”she waited for an answer,she was a 22 year old grown up worried over a question such as this! Shouldn’t she supposed to be heading her thoughts in the direction of career,marriage,boys!!!She was 22 and was worried about me!!I felt a tinge of satisfaction and glee

She was waiting for an answer while I clicked on the remote buttons randomly changing channels, staring into infinity inside the television set contemplating an answer!!Yes she had!!Like right now,she made me feel special!!

Like the times when I was vulnerable and had tears,she had wiped them off.She had taken My

When I was in bed suffering,she tended to me like a mother,my own!!Though I wasn’t expressive,I did tell her that she looked after me like a little kid.

There was no need for me to tell her to do a chore, she finished it off and placed a cup of coffee for my refreshment, none had done that to me,She did make me feel special.

When she was sober and was at her rock-bottom,she ,with her writings bought me a purse and tended to my interests,she did make me feel special then too.

And all those little cute greetings that she had personally written to me those are the precious moments.
Dear child,what a question did you ask ,for me to reminiscence all the priceless events, you made me feel special on the day you were born, you are my first child and those little fingers when held mine,we were connected and I knew you were the best thing that I have in my life. You gave me the first happiness of your first walks, first smiles and first words.

Now you ask me whether you had made me feel special,dear child,I find myself in you,my principles ,my beliefs and my humorous sides, I see it in you…indeed yes your very existence has made me feel special
From the corner of my eye,I saw her waiting for an answer,though I couldn’t convey all of these,I called her near and gave a warm hug…She was indeed a special friend and that evening I baked her favorite pastries and painted (She was pestering me to a paint one) So I did!!

The I in here is my mom,and 22 year old is me and yes in real,she did convey all of these to me and I had a drop of tear at the corner of my eyes,I had wiped it off before she could notice,also I did love the pastries and she is still half way with her paintings!!Hope she’ll finish it off soon. Her gesture reached my heart,like always

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One thought on “My daughter,My friend:)

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    This would definitely top my favourites among ur writings bru…amazing!!!! aunt should b soo proud of u:):) lovely relationship:)

    Liked by 1 person

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