#poem 4-In a country,not her own

i can

Recluse and hesitant she is,
Serpentining through the crowd
Any familiar face ,she sheepishly wished,
In a country,not her own.

Guarding her only bag,clutched to her
Few necessities was all her treasure
Feared from robbery,she moves
In a country ,not her own.

Dreams she of the forbidden dream,
A dream of spotlight,money and happiness,
A slave she was,but destiny was hers,
She left for the country,not her own.

Heard she had,of all the plights
Of the people journeyed along,
Fear held her mind,dreams her heart,
In a country,not her own.

Opens her fluttery eyes,into the same crowd
Cheering her name,her dream had wings
She smiled,coz it was time,to conquer
The country,that was her own.


One thought on “#poem 4-In a country,not her own

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    simply beautiful:)


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