# poem 3-Just like me!!


Grades yours,tensed me;
Would you become a fine young man?
Uniform torn,bruised all over,blows from friends,
Just like me,years ago…

Stubborn you are at times
Martinet I am,so I deny,
Yet you overrule my lines
Just like me ,years ago..

 The sports excite you,
You waylay when questioned too
But virtuoso you are in business,
Just like me,years ago..

Grown you are ,into a fine man now,
In a whiz,into a martinet
Sundered are our worlds,yet
You are like me,years ago..

At dawn or at dusk
Matters not the time,
For special you are,my son
coz you remind me of me..years ago…


2 thoughts on “# poem 3-Just like me!!

  1. fabfortee says:

    That is very touching poem. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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