YIN and YANG,the forces that rule..

Long long ago ,before you and I were born, Earth was a battlefield,waging wars were the two most beautiful and  powerful forces in the world YIN and YANG.All the goodness,kindness and warmheartedness was the power of YANG and all the evil ,jealousy and wickedness was the power of YIN.To protect the mankind from all the atrocities Yang waged war after unsuccessful attempts to talk Yin out of the inhuman ways.The war was fought for several years night and day and day and night,over the horizons inside the deepest oceans but the equal forces never calmed down.


Then the apocalypse was ordered by the lord of the worlds and separated the worlds.Yang was the ruler of a kind,happy world whereas the Yin completed his days with wrath fry and destroying everything he had.It took another hundred years when yang realized that his descendants  were taking all the resources as granted and people began dwell into a lazy,rich yet kind and happy,it was turning into a monotonous world and importance of yang was long forgotten and buried in the history of the books,whatever mankind wished for,they attained it with much ease,fear just flew away like a feather never to return again.They ruled without any effort,importance of work and hunger was just in pages not in their lives,they were just a herd of sheep grazing and happy,grazing and happy.

Everything was not well in Yin’s kingdom either,people were accustomed to the atrocities and believed it was their destiny to destroy,mountains ,rivers and mankind as destroyed and nothing was created to destroy it ,was the time for yang to realize that his worth was buried too.

“If only the fear of yin could be here” yang sobbed.

“If only the goodness of yang would be here” yin wished aloud

They both traveled back to the lord himself ,both waiting at his magnificent doorstep,embarrassment written all over ,they both wanted  a single thing ,to be together,to be able to rule together ,for the balance of the earth to sustain.

It was then their wish was granted and both of them are ruling this world with just and corruption,yin and yang!Ruling in cycles ,like the happy and sad times that come to us,they are ruling knowing that fear of yin makes you to walk in the right path and determined creation of yang’s love would save yin.Both of them reside,both of them rule in harmony merging into a single entity in us.Both Yin and Yang are in us,the truth ,the false,the right ,the wrong all of them balancing us,teaching us and making us who we are..But the dominant always shines brighter and whether to shine the yang and yin part of us is in our hands,our choice coz we are the captain of our soul.

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2 thoughts on “YIN and YANG,the forces that rule..

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    i want yang 2 rule me more:):)


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