Traditional sacrifice-her life

Proud of her suave beauty,mirror showed her the charms
For the utopian beauty she was loved
Draped in a gorgeous silk sari,stunning innocent eyes
That fervently looked for her parents amidst the giant relatives
“You are going to live for him from now on”
A rule she never knew,a rule to be followed
At The tender age of six ,pushed into marriage.

Happy she was to have found a playmate for life,
Confined to the innocent thoughts;
Deal was the wedding,sacrifice she was for marriage
At an age so very young,her destiny in their hands.
“He is your world and serve him until your death,your ultimate goal”
A rule she never knew ,a rule to be followed
At the young age of eight,she entered his house.

Flying high was the kite,the lagori,her favorite pastime
Loved she to play with the neighbor kids
A triumph of running out,a punishment for her sin,
Pushed into the kitchen,the little hands holding the dish
“serve and only be with your husband,your world”
A rule she never understood,a rule to be followed,
At an age of 10,she gave up all hopes for her life,caged forever.

The sun was high and the breeze bought with it a catastrophe,
He had perished in a road accident,she was considered dead.
Her beauty was murdered,draped in white and breaking her charms
The tresses left her,the colours left her..snatched away..
“you are such an ill fate,a burden to us”both her families abandoned her
A rule which was spineless,a rule she never wanted to follow
At an age of 12,she was caged,wings broken,with tears that never dried up.

Brunda Rajesh

Note:gWhen it comes to widows,our mind races to the image of a old,frailed skin lady or a lady in her middle age.But widows are of all ages,right from six or seven.The state of Rajasthan in India has the highest number of child marriages and hence the child widows who lead a rough life.This age-old tradition still exists in many parts of remote India.

The poem describes the life of a child bride happy to be married taking it as a play and way of life only later realizing her rights that have been snatched away and over that she becomes a widow and be a sour site for the society,she  is broken,helpless and leads a life of blame and guilt for bringing bad luck to her husband.


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  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    d bitter truth!

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