The hunter became the hunted-while the dark watched!

The crickets clicked,the trees swayed in a hustle,the owls keen on their nocturnal hunting,pitch dark with the crescent moon buried under the swell and sigh of the clouds.At the far end,the wolf moaned,calling out to all his species.

With light steps her paws imprinted on the wet soft land,her majestic slender body hidden in the darkness of the dark night, sauntering along the sleepy river,her bright green eyes sparkling like the diamonds of the lost world,one look at those fierce eyes,it could scare the life out of the prey she was hunting.The prey,a herd of zebras asleep at the far end,occasionally twitching for the known danger holding their lives in fear.

The tigress spotted a juicy one in the herd,fast asleep unknown to the grave danger just inches away,she stepped so lightly enough to walk in the air,invincible to the rest of the dark forest,only the trees knew her plot.She didn’t take on to her target,instead circling along the weakest animal yet the quickest one,she neared to it’s throat and the survival of instinct spurrred higher up in all the adjacent herd,they swiftly ran..ran for the lives they were supposed to save,that of oneself,running in random yet a single direction,lead by the fastest in the group.

The juicy flesh intoxicating her hunger,the fat yet the slow zebra,ran as fast as it could along with the herd,eager to join them,eager to stay away from those intimidating eyes.It was slowed down by fear and its was the right time ,the tigress made a move,it was an easy prey but she wanted to have it with all the honor in the world,she chased it until it gave up….surrendering itself to the ferocious queen.She wasn’t satisfied with the easy hunt,she let go of the animal alluring it in an illusion of another chance to escape.It escaped the jaw of death, running under the woods,in the slippery sand,within the dense bushes,swiftly jumping over the rocks.Now it was time to bring it down,aggressively she pounced and pierced her sharp white canines into it’s throat,the hot blood rippling out,tasting the the reward after the chase,she mused and indulged in her dinner.

At the far end,on the top of a pine tree ,the poacher with his night vision glasses smiled as his prey,she was gorgeous and was worth a few millions.He concentrated on his prey,pointing to the heart of the forest’s queen,keen on taking her back to his group and winning the heart of the head,he shot at the tigress,a moaning death was what she experienced.The hunter was hunted in the darkness of night.

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4 thoughts on “The hunter became the hunted-while the dark watched!

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    i guess dis is wat is called karma!! njoyed reading..


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